Celebrate ‘The Lost Boys’ Anniversary With These Cool Etsy Items!

The Lost Boys turns 30 today! Because it’s a movie and you can’t buy it a congratulatory gift, why not get a little something for yourself instead? You know, to celebrate. Etsy can help!

Whether you’re on Team Vampire, Team Frog Brothers, or Team Nanook (the unsung hero of the film), check out these The Lost Boys items from your friendly neighborhood Etsy sellers.

Lost Boys Skate Deck by PatrickSparrow

Because it’s totally gnarly.

Frog Brothers Quote Pillow by CoolArt2014

Epic quote for an epic pillow.

The Lost Boys T-Shirt by TheCultOfTees

I’m convinced!

Lost Boys pin by HauntedGoodies

“It’s only a pin Michael”…

Team Nanook T-Shirt by VelvetMusketeer

Nanook deserves more respect, okay?

Sleep All Day Latte Mug by AtomicThreadsUK

Seems fitting that it’s a mug designed to hold large amounts of caffeine. Or blood. If I’m gonna party all night, I’m gonna need some sustenance.

Santa Carla T-Shirt by StrangeLoveTees

Come for the sun, stay because you’re dead.

Santa Carla Boardwalk Candle by RudeAndReckless

Smells like teen spirit.

The Lost Boys Poster Illustration by Cr8tiveACE

Very cool poster with a very iconic moment. Ah, to be young and immortal…

Frog Brother Patch by InkedUpMerch

If you’ve got status as a cold, hard, vampire killer, you’ll wanna wear that on your sleeve.

The Lost Boys t-shirt by AmazingArtsProject

Bloody brilliant.

God Damn Vampire Button by BedlamSupplyCo

Heaven forbid!

Original Painting by PhillyMiserarium

This original painting is totally rad and ready to hang up in your home!

David Lost Boys Tattoo Flash Print by ParlorTattooPrints

Tattoo flash prints are amazing and everyone needs them.

They’re Only Noddles Cross-Stitch Pattern by PyroDogPins

For all my creepy crafters out there, sink your teeth into this project! This Etsy shop has a ton of genre cross-stitch designs and I want to make them all.


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