We’ll Suddenly See More of “Little Shop of Horrors” in Reboot

Producer of Riverdale Greg Berlanti is feeding us a new version of the classic horror film turned musical “Little Shop of Horrors” reports Deadline today; he will also direct.

According to the site, this will not be a remake of the classic 1960 Roger Corman film starring Jack Nicholson, but a reboot of the Frank Oz musical starring Rick Moranis and the lispy Ellen Greene.

Warner Bros is hoping that Rebel Wilson and Broadway star Josh Gad will slip into the roles of Audrey and Seymour, but that is only wishful thinking at this point.

Both stars have yet to sign a contract.

Although the initial Corman film was a black comedy, Disney darling Alan Menken composed the music for the 1982 off-Broadway hit with Howard Ashman writing the script.

That production ran for five years before becoming an international favorite with multiple small shows opening both in the U.S. and abroad.

Muppet master Frank Oz went behind the camera for the 1986 musical comedy which became a box office smash.

An $8 million production was seeded on the Broadway stage in 2003, but it didn’t grow for them and closed that same year.