‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Crosses Into ‘Star Wars’ Universe in Hilarious Video


Written by Patti Pauley

Keep the Hutt. Keep the Sith. Keep the Emperor, they don’t mean shit.

At least that’s the line that I keep hearing in my head after watching this fabulous video about 15 times over. The infamous sarlacc pit scene from 1983’s Return of the Jedi, has been taken over by none other than that green mean mother himself, Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors; and Luke has got him fightin’ mad.


little shop of horrors


In this glorious mash-up done up by Youtube movie parody channel David Unger Music, that mute sarlacc pit gets a hungry personality with the addition of Audrey 2- musical numbers and pizzazz personality included. The scene where Jabba the Hutt has captured the Rebel Alliance and decides the best way to get them out of his blobbery-butt for good, is to have Han Solo and friends be digested over the course of a thousand years, stays pretty true to the original scene in the Star Wars film with the exception of the late Levi Stubbs (voice of Audrey 2) singing for his supper. And, the addition of a few casualties.

Humorously enough, the “Singing Sarlacc Pit” tends to coincide with the uncut movie, and theatrical play version of Little Shop of Horrors where the ending isn’t so happy. So brace yourselves Jedis and enjoy the alien plant MoTown invasion into Return of the Jedi!