Little Damage Ice Cream shop in Los Angeles is the Goth community’s response to the bright and bubbly unicorn trend we’ve been seeing lately in the sugary world of tasty concoctions.  This family owned business who opened its doors to the public just two month ago has decided to tread on the darker side of the sweet life.

Ice cream with names such as Almond Charcoal, Black Roses, and Unicorn Tears, it is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts.  They also offer lactose intolerant and vegan options as well, even if their colors don’t match the dark pallet they are known for they want everyone to enjoy their homemade creations.

As a cake decorator I know you need to use copious amounts of black food coloring to get that deep velvety shade of black that matches your soul, and depending on the product that can severely alter the flavor.  However, Little Damage has found a way to get their ice cream shades deep, dark, and true black.  Charcoal.  That’s right, activated charcoal makes this creation reach its optimum color, and according to their patrons flooding the company’s Instagram it’s delicious!  In fact, this is the same method they use to create their beautifully black chocolate flavored waffle cones!

If you’re not into the Goth scene Little Damage has an ice cream for you too.  In colors such as magenta or teal and toppings including rainbow sprinkles and fruity pebbles, you can be your happy go lucky self.  Just be warned, you’ll probably stick out like a sore thumb as the “normie” among their brooding demographic.  But hey, who am I to judge?  Fruity pebble it up!

Despite Little Damage opening just this past February, according to all accounts business has been booming!  Just yesterday they ran out of ice cream before closing their doors for the night!  Be sure to check out their Instagram page here as well as their website here!
We can only hope and pray to the mighty Cthulhu more of these ice cream stores will pop up in other states so we can all experience a taste of the dark side.