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Unfriended: Dark Web

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Posted by iHorror on Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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For my next installment to the Late to the Party series, I reviewed Alien 3. Three movies into the franchise, and I must admit, I have no idea what the big fuss is about.

I mean, it’s okay, but it seems really long and drawn out and at some points very boring.

Out of the first three, this one is to me the most entertaining.

But that’s pushing it.

The film centers around Ripley, after her escape pod that housed her and four crew members, crashes into a planet that serves as a correctional facility to men who are predetermined to rape and violence.

The other three members aboard the escape pod are dead. We see a baby xenomorph  burst forth from the prison’s dog which kills other crew members.

During the course of the film we see various scenes of alien carnage, an attempted rape on Ripley, enough testosterone to fill a football stadium, and a bald Ripley trying to kill the aliens…again.

How much does this poor woman need to go through?

Eventually it is found out that Ripley is pregnant with an Alien queen, so the aliens will not harm her.

This is ludicrous because we are provided no information about how Ripley became impregnated in the first place.

There are plenty of theories online but nothing definitive and the viewer is left guessing and putting the pieces together for themselves.

Ripley decides it’s better for her to die so the queen doesn’t get the chance to be born.

After a failed attempt to die by hot lead, a look alike Bishop returns.

He tells Ripley that he wants to help her and remove the queen and destroy it.

However, it turns out that he wants to use the queen for a biological weapon.

To this Ripley throws herself into the ship’s furnace as the alien bursts forth from her chest.

Determined to not let the little bugger go, she holds onto the alien the entire way down, as both Ripley and the queen are engulfed in flames.

There were a few scenes I liked in this film.

Mainly, the alien bursting forth from the dog and the ending sequence with Bishop.

This was another film that ran way too long for my taste. It was very dry, and also made me wonder why everyone on that planet, aside from Ripley, was British?

I’d give this film a two out of four stars, for keeping my interest but truly lacking any kind of plot.


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