“Labyrinth” Sequel In The Works

The wave of Jim Henson news just doesn’t stop, first news drops on the Netflix adaption of Dark Crystal.  But now Lisa Henson, Jim Henson’s daughter and current CEO of her fathers company, have announced a sequel to the much beloved fantasy adventure story Labyrinth.  The biggest question of course being what could a sequel do to even stand up to the original?

Well for starters Fede Alvarez, who is the current director, has stated that instead of outright replacing David Bowie’s character in the world they are looking to cast the Goblin Queen, who will step up and seize control of her kingdom with the Goblin King being soundly defeated.  Alvarez has also stated that the current hope is to bring back the original cast from the first film.


To truly add to the magic and charm of the original however, it has been confirmed that puppets and practical effects will maintain the majority of the film with CGI being used scarcely.  As to be expected from anything being created by Jim Henson’s company.

Both the studio as well as production are giving this film their all giving it every resource it will need to stand up to the original.  And with the loss of David Bowie this new film will need all the help it can get to stand a chance.  So for now let’s stop and look at the known cast for the film, both new and old.

1.) Lady GAGA

Lady GAGA has been slowly but surely branching out and making a name for herself in the acting world.  She was able to hold her own and show off her skills while portraying the Countess in AHS: Hotel and definitely has what it takes to be a character in the Labyrinth universe.

Image Credit: theodyssesyonline.com

She has her own unique charm and could take the Goblin Queen down any path and that could be good or bad.  Let us hope that she is able to channel her abilities and create an interesting counterpart to David Bowie’s Goblin King.

2.) Jennifer Connelly

That’s right everyone Jennifer Connelly is coming back and is reprising her role as Sarah Williams.  This casting decision has me the most interested, I can’t wait to see just what exactly will drag a now much older Sarah back to the magical world she once braved to save her newborn brother.

Image Credit: etonline.com

The possibilities are endless and there is no doubt that Jennifer will absolutely kill it, just as she did in the first film.  If nothing else Sarah’s return will be a great nod to fans of the original.

3.) Johnny Depp

At the time of writing Johnny Depp’s role is unknown but his record of films is more than enough to warrant him having a place in the film.  The world of Labyrinth is filled with eccentric and downright insane characters, and Johnny Depp if nothing else, is a master of eccentric and insane characters.

Image Credit: imdb.com

While his character isn’t known as of yet Johnny Depp is a welcome addition to the new adventure.

4.) Toby Froud

While the name may not be familiar everyone who has seen the original will recognize Toby.  In the original Toby played the soon to be baby goblin who was abducted by David Bowie.  While he will not be playing any on screen characters, Toby has grown up to become a master puppeteer and is the head puppeteer for the new movie.

It’s a shame that we will not be seeing the grown up baby seeing the magical world he was once held hostage in as an adult, it’s still great to have yet another returning cast member.

Image Credit: flickr.com

While a sequel to Labyrinth may not be necessary it is still magical to see new adaptions of Jim Henson’s work, for a new generation.  As of now my only expectations for the film are a callback to one of the best songs ever, You Remind Me Of The Babe, and a return to the Bog of Eternal Stench.

As always we here at iHorror will keep you up to date as more news drops and any updates are made.