The older I get the more I sympathize with good ole’ Krampus. Sure, Santa Clause makes it a point to only deliver gifts to the kids who are not on his naughty list. But, sometimes even the good kids can be a pain in the butt. I’m sure some of the kids on Santa’s ‘good boy or girl’ list are sometimes bad and are listed with caveats. That is why Krampus is just more of a badass. He doesn’t apologize or try to do the nice thing. He is a realist. So why wouldn’t you want a ‘Krampus in the Corner.’

With that real recognizing real attitude, Krampus not only outdoes Santa, but he also outdoes Santa’s creepy little helper ‘The Elf On The Shelf.’ Well, ‘Krampus in the Corner’ is on his way to keep your ‘Elf on the Shelf’ in check and possibly eat him while you aren’t looking.

Lindsay and Justin Cristelli are well aware of the awesomeness of Krampus and have started a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring ‘Krampus in the Corner’ into your home.

The 12″-tall plush is fully posable and comes welding a paddle to punish unruly children and a basket to hold all the kiddy’s who have been bad.  Following the Kickstarter model, there are different amounts you can pledge to receive different tiers. If you choose the upper pledge tier, you will also receive a Krampus story book to go along with your ‘Krampus in the Corner.’

For details and to snag your very own Krampus, head over HERE.