Written by Patti Pauley

Here at iHorror, we not only keep our eyes fixed on anticipated horror films coming our way, but literature as well; especially if it’s the best kind- creepy as hell. A new collection of tantalizing tales by author Shawn Coss ( movie set designer for Stephen King’s The Cell, and designer for Cyanide & Happiness) entitled “Kindergarten: Tragic Stories”, is a series of short dark tales tied with eerie illustrations that embodies the terrors of being a child, and a parent as well.

shawn coss

Coss describes “Kindergarten” as a book for “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” fans who have now grown up. The book dives into much deeper and darker storytelling with each entry in the twisted tales centering around a girl named Lucy. Coss says, “I wanted to pay homage to those great stories with a collection of my own but taking the reader into a darker more uncomfortable place.” The book touches on subjects such as suicide, death, depression, and neglect.

While many parents will be able to relate with these nightmares, the stories and artwork that are indeed inspired by Scary Stories illustrator Stephen Gammell, are crafted to entice an array of horror fans. While I do see the inspiration there myself, the artwork to me personally screams of a beautiful love child of artist Roman Dirge and visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

The inspiration and idea behind “Kindergarten” came to Coss when he needed to create an outlet for the dread he felt after having his first child.

“Each vignette is a personal fear I’ve had since having my children. Whether it’s the loss of a child from an accident or a loss of a parent through suicide.”


KinderGartenBook_Aug4 copy 3


While the book is finished and ready for publication, Author Shawn Coss is seeking help for printing costs via a Kickstarter campaign that began on September 1st, and will run for 35 days in hopes of reaching the goal. Perks for donating include PDFs of sketch books, signed copies of the physical hard-cover book, watercolor and ink commissions of any of the story’s art chosen by the backer, plus much more. To secure a copy of this fascinating literary project and donate, please visit the Kickstarter page by clicking here! You can also follow the progress of “Kindergarten: Tragic Tales” by liking the official Facebook page.