Justin Long Confirms ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’ Plot; Offers Project Update



We here on iHorror are constantly getting questions from you guys about the impending sequel Jeepers Creepers 3, which has been rumored and talked about for many years now. Allegedly sub-titled Cathedral, the third film in the hit horror franchise has *almost* entered our lives so many times it’s hard to count, and it’s now been nearly a year since we’ve heard any concrete info about the project.

That silence was broken by the original film’s star Justin Long during a Reddit AMA session yesterday, which he took part in to promote Kevin Smith’s Tusk. Though Long’s character is of course dead, that didn’t stop a fan from asking him about the second sequel, and he offered up a small update about the film.

There is a script (it’s called ‘Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral’),” Long wrote. “Gina [Philips] plays the lead in it. It’s been tough getting off the ground, financially, unfortunately. According to Victor [Salva], I do get my hands on a flashback.

This information confirms previous reports of the film’s plot, as such a story was one of the few that was offered up as a possibility. Another potential idea would’ve brought the Creeper into the Old West for a prequel, though it appears as if that idea has been scrapped.

Though Long didn’t mention it during the chat session, Gina Philips’ character of Trish is allegedly going to team up with Jack Taggart Sr. and Jr. (from the first two films, respectively), in an effort to put an end to the Creeper once and for all. Ray Wise and Luke Edwards will likely be reprising the roles.

The plan, as far as we know, is for Victor Salva to direct Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral, and there have been talks of it going straight-to-video. No word yet on if that’s still the plan.

While we wait for more information, read all about the real-life killer that inspired Jeepers Creepers!


  1. I sure hope its true, loved the first two movies and the suspense of waiting years for this one has got us horror fans frustrated for years.


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