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Sharks. They’re one of the world’s most terrifying predators, at least when it comes to looks and natural attributes. Of course, sharks don’t really attack people all that much in reality, and are actually pretty cool to just look at. Still, in the context of horror films, there are few more fearsome animals one could encounter.

Jaws is – and will seemingly forever be – the pinnacle of the killer shark movie, although that’s to be expected when a master like Steven Spielberg is at the helm. There are plenty of other worthwhile shark flicks though, both of the serious terror and over the top ridiculous varieties.

One film that seems likely to end up in the serious category is director Jon Turtletaub’s Meg, an adaptation of the best-selling 1997 novel by Steve Alten.

Noted cinematic ass-kicker Jason Statham stars as Jonas Taylor, a former Navy captain and expert diver who is recruited to save a group of Chinese scientists from the titular creature, a prehistoric 70-foot megalodon shark that has resurfaced with a taste for squishy humans. Human: the other, other, white meat.

As if that concept didn’t sound enticing enough, during a recent appearance on the Jim & Sam Show, Statham offered the following comments promoting Meg:

I just did a movie about a shark. It’s a cross between, I’d say, Jaws and Jurassic Park. It turned out really good. I mean, apparently. We don’t know until we see it. It’s called Meg, as in megalodon.

Jason Statham takes on "Meg."

Jaws meets Jurassic Park. Hell. Yeah. Granted, Alten’s book was also repeatedly compared to Jurassic Park back in the day, so this isn’t an entirely new observation. Still, when a dude as badass as Statham says something like that, it’s worth taking to heart.

Meg swims up to take a gigantic bite out of theaters on August 10th, 2018. Hopefully it does well, as the world could use more big screen shark adventures.

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