Written by Patti Pauley

The sequel game to Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2, planted a kick-ass Nightmare on Elm Street easter egg inside the game that maybe only hardcore Fred-Heads will catch. However, in the case you are, which is probably why you’re here anyhow, you’re going to love this!

First spotted on the Newsline by ComicBook.Com, YouTuber Dynasty caught and uploaded the Freddy reference that throws back to Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. With Robert Englund cast as the voice of the Scarecrow in the game, whispers of rumors circled for a while about a possible Kruger homage hidden within gameplay.

As YouTuber Dynasty points out, the characters of Freddy and Scarecrow do strike up a range of similarities between the pair by using their victim’s fears against them. So it was never really far fetched that the NetherRealm Studios game would slide in a little homage to the slasher icon Englund made legendary.  And yes, it 100% has to do with the Power Glove scene. DUH!

freddys dead injustice 2

In fight mode, when you beat down the Scarecrow’s life bar to a specific amount of health, the character may utter those infamous words, “Now I’m playing with power!”  Which of course throws back to that cool as hell scene in Freddy’s Dead where Krueger controls Spencer through a video game, leading him to a pretty hilarious death that involves a portrayal of 100 of Spencer’s fathers’ 8-bit style, beating him to shit with tennis rackets. Check out the full rundown of the Nightmare on Elm Street easter egg in Injustice 2 below!