Action Star, Russian Alexander Nevsky has a new film coming to theaters this Friday, Black Rose. This superstar shows no mercy not only taking the helm as director & producer but starring in this Action-Crime Drama! Nevsky’s character Vladimir is a Russian Police Major who has been enlisted by the Los Angeles Police Department to help solve a series of frightful and horrid murders executed against young Russian women by a barbarous psychotic killer on the rough streets of Hollywood.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Alexander Nevsky about his roles in Black Rose and he is staying busy with a new feature on the horizon that he will star in Maximum Impact. I learned that Nevsky is a big fan of the horror genre and he reveals his favorite scary movie and the first horror film he was introduced to. Nevsky is a bad ass and is the action star that we have all been craving for quite some time, a throwback to the 80s. Even though his film Black Rose does have horror elements lumped in throughout, I would not mind seeing Nevsky direct or star in a straight out horror film, I really believe he has an eye for detail and would bring a substantial creative story to life for fans. Someday the tables may turn, and we might get lucky! Be sure to check out his IMDb page, and of course Black Rose.

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Black Rose will release in theaters on April 28th, 2017 and be readily available on VOD and DVD May 2nd, 2017. You won’t want to miss this action-packed thriller, and yes, it will have enough gore for all of us horror buffs out there!


Director Alexander Nevsky. Photo courtesy of ITN Distribution.


Interview With Alexander Nevsky

Ryan T. Cusick: How are you doing sir?

Alexander Nevsky: Good Ryan. How are you?

RTC: I’m well. It is definitely a pleasure speaking with you today.

AN: Thank you very much, glad to be speaking with you. If I understand correctly you are a horror genre fan, right?

RTC: Yes, that is correct.

AN: I am a big fan of the horror genre.

RTC: Very good. Black Rose kinda has a little horror in it, slight bit.

AN: You watched it? You watched Black Rose already?

RTC: Yes, I did. It was great! The first thing that I picked up on was when you were walking to the bank, and I was very excited because we are actually getting a new action hero. That’s what it felt like. I grew up in the 80s’ we had Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Seagal; it was very comforting to have that feeling again as I did when I was a kid.

AN: Thank you, Ryan, that is a huge compliment.

RTC: Did you also write this? Or did you just direct this film?

AN: I created the story. It was my story. Brent Hunt and George Saunders wrote the script. Actually, George Sanders wrote old Van Damme film, Bloodsport. Sheldon Lettich polished the final script of Black Rose, and the was the executive producer of the movie. This was the first movie that I had directed, so Sheldon was making sure everything was going in the right direction. It is great that you mentioned all of those movies because I was a kid in Russia when I watched Stallone in Rocky. I watched Arnold in Commando; I loved the film. And when I started to make movies many years later, that was an idea to make old fashion action films. I am glad that you mentioned horror in the film because I told you, in the beginning, I am a big fan of the horror genre. For me, as a director, I know that it is dangerous to mix many genres into one film. You know I wanted to do it. And that is why we have all the torture and murder and all of that. Actually, we even had to cut them down a little.

RTC: And it had some Comedy in it too, a little bit of everything, I think it really worked out.

AN: Thank you, I am glad that you liked it. That is exactly what I was trying to do. Action, some Horror, and put some humor into that with some thriller and mystery. I should thank again my executive producers Sheldon Lettich and Bryan Goeres; I am sure all of your readers know them and remember them. (04:02) And they supported me a lot.

RTC: Did you have any difficulties directing and acting at the same time?

AN: Yes of course. The most difficult time was I didn’t have any time to work out. Matthias Hues was huge in the film, he had time to work out so he could show his muscles and everything [Laughs] And I had to do everything else. But if we are talking seriously, of course, it was tough. I was smart enough to create a good team. I had a great DP, Rudy Harbon, he is great, and he has done a lot of films in Hollywood. He shot if you can remember 3000 Miles to Graceland. I was smart enough to have a good team, and I think it all worked out in the end. But don’t get me wrong it was a huge joy all the way

RTC: You did a wonderful job, and it really did come together. For the ending of the film I really had no idea who was committing the murders up until the very last moment of the reveal.

AN: That is a very big compliment to me as a Director and a Producer, and I will explain to you why. One of the actors who played in the movie he wanted to play differently I said DON’T GIVE ANYTHING AWAY. The actor was great. But that is a huge compliment, you as a fan of the genre couldn’t figure it out.

RTC: Yeah I was trying, I am like “who the heck is this guy, ” and then it dawned on me right before it was revealed. I don’t know the gentleman’s name there was an actor I recognized from the bank scene from a movie that I was a big fan of in the 90s called I Come In Peace. He played the main bank robber in this film.

AH: Matthias Hues.

RTC: Yes, I noticed him right away. That was great!

AH: And you noticed, he is still huge. That is exactly what I had mentioned; he had time to work out before the film. He still is in good shape; he did a great job. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

RTC: It was also great seeing Kristanna [Lokan], I recognized her from Terminator 3. You two really complimented each other on the screen.

AH: Thank you, and that is a compliment to her. She was very supportive, and she was very easy to work with for me as a director. They all supported me.

RTC: Are you working on anything right now?

AH: Yes, I am working on a film it is called Maximum Impact. And Andrzej Bartkowiak directed the film, and he directed Doom, and Romeo Must Die. Another action film that you will probably enjoy is Showdown in Manila. Every action star not used in the Expendables franchise was in Showdown in Manila. Mark Dacascos, Casper Van Dien, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa from Mortal Kombat, Tia Carrere, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, you will enjoy Showdown in Manila, I hope, and we will talk again.

RTC: Keep it up, keep making movies because I know I am not the only one that is going to love Black Rose. Real quick what is your favorite scary movie, I gotta ask. [Laughs].

AH: I really love Scream franchise, I think the first real horror movie which I watched was IT.

RTC: Very good, you have good taste!

AH: Yeah, exactly. Thank you, my friend.

RTC: Take Care.

*The Interview Above Has Been Condensed*

(L-R) Kristanna Loken as Emily Smith and Alexander Nevsky as Vladimir Kazatov in the action thriller film “BLACK ROSE” an ITN Distribution release. Photo courtesy of ITN Distribution.





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