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iHorror.com has the exclusive sneak peek for the upcoming short film The Rift. Jess Kreusler makes his directorial debut with this short feature. Kreusler also co-wrote the film along with Alyssa Glimm, who also served as producer for this movie. The origins came to Jess Kreusler in a haunting dream and his creative partner, and fiancé Alyssa Glimm made it known that it would make an excellent story. Shortly after the dream they both began developing the story.

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The Rift took approximately four days to shoot in a Victorian style house built in 1903 in Los Angeles, California. Unit Production Manager and Line Producer Alyssa Ulrich had secured this wonderful and unique filming location. The cast and crew did face some challenges on location as most films do, but they overcame these challenges and had an excellent time working on the project. Recently it has entered post-production and is expected to be completed later on this year.

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The film follows Will (Rane Jameson) and Leah (Danielle Lozeau) a young couple trying to work through a rough patch in their relationship. After Will loses his cell-phone in their biggest fight yet, he searches the entire house to find it. Instead of his phone, however, he finds a large, glowing crack in the wall. Through the crack he sees a strange room that shouldn’t be there; that simply cannot be there. The room seems to exist in the space between the walls, which is impossible. Around the corner, on the other side of the wall with the crack, is just a hallway… but through the opening – the rift – Will sees something wondrous and compelling, a marvel that he hopes will help him, and Leah get back to the good times. Made reckless by curiosity and desperation, Will tears open the rift until it’s large enough for him to pass through. The spectral entity on the other side, however, has been waiting. Now it’s free to enter our world and drag the terrorized souls of its victims back to wherever it came from… starting with Will and Leah. Trapped in their own home, they must figure out how to save themselves from the entity or meet a disturbing fate.

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I cannot help but to be excited about this film project. This movie will bring together a unique creative talent from both the cast and crew. I believe this film will allow viewers to develop a sympathetic relationship with these characters. Director Jess Kreusler described his experience on the project as “incredibly gratifying and humbling to collaborate with such an amazing cast and crew. That’s the kind of statement that might seem cliche, but it’s entirely true. I’m proud to have worked with every single member of our team on The Rift.”

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Here is an exclusive first look at the teaser trailer for The Rift:

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