Yes, a cursory glance at the trailer will immediately scream “Found footage! Again!” But ‘The Houses October Built’ could very well be the saving grace of the sub-genre this October…if only more people knew about it. Featuring a relatively unknown cast and receiving little attention online (the Facebook page has less than 10,000 Likes. How…?), the haunted attraction flick is unfortunately getting lost between horror fans’ excitement over ‘Annabelle‘ and ‘Ouija.’ We, as fans, are missing out, because who doesn’t want to see a movie with characters such as “Trannyotomy” or “The Feaster Bunny”?

The premise is simple: a group of friends set out to find the most extreme and horrifying haunted houses in the country, filming their adventure as they go. Inevitably, things get out of hand and, as the trailer points out, the haunt finds them. It’s enticing. It’s terrifying. It could happen to you!

‘The Houses October Built’ will have a limited theatrical release on October 10th, so waiting for DVD is a perfectly fine option for the homebodies among us. For the more adventurous horror fans, here’s a list of Halloween attractions just waiting to be tackled. Check out the trailer and decide which camp you’re in.

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