steven walter robinson horror slasher

Granted, most of us like a good scare, but when the horror is happening in our theater seat instead of on the big screen, I think it’s safe to say we would probably cut and run – especially when it involves a hammer, a knife and an attacker who goes by the screen name “psychokiller666.”

Back in 2009, Steven Walter Robinson, Jr. was convicted on two counts of attempted murder after he attacked two men he didn’t know during a screening of the horror film “The Signal” at an AMC theater in Fullerton, California in 2008.

During the film, Robinson – who wore dark clothes and sunglasses, and who reportedly had a fascination with serial killers and torture – stabbed a 38-year-old man 5 times, and then turned to stab a 65-year-old man multiple times.  When that didn’t seem to be enough, Robinson decided to forgo the knife, and bludgeon the 65-year-old with a hammer. Police, who were already inside the theater due to an earlier call they received about someone (who just happened to be Robinson) searching for a bag of magic mushrooms, saw one of the men covered in blood, run from the theater into the lobby. Robinson somehow made his escape, but was later found hiding out in his brothers apartment somewhere in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday during his requested re-trial on a technicality, Robinson’s sentence was upheld. He was convicted on two counts of attempted murder and was sentenced to 22 years to life in prison.  You can read the full story over at NBC LA.

For some reason, when I read about this earlier it reminded me of the 2008 B movie, “Midnight Movie,”  which is a horror flick about a killer coming out of a horror movie – who stalks and attacks each audience member one by one within the theater.

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