Written by Patti Pauley

Not that they REALLY went anywhere in the first place. However, since we first reported on graphic designer Newt Cloninger-Clements’ creations of these glorious horror Happy Meals back in the Summer of 2015, there’s been many phenomenally spooky additions to the dream Happy Meals since then.

Even with the McDonald’s backlash of the 21st century, the once favorite fast-food chain of our childhoods’, still reigns king when it comes to kids meals during Halloween. Of course even now, they sure as shit aren’t as cool as they used to be. Or maybe we’re just too grown to appreciate them. In any regard, for those of you who have still managed to hang onto those beautiful McBoo buckets and the Halloween McNugget figures from your adolescence, we at iHorror salute your level of Halloween nostalgia.



With being all grown and all, wouldn’t it be cool to get some REAL Halloween Happy Meals that showcase our favorite horror films along with a super cool toy? Well, artist Newt Cloninger-Clements continues to create these fine pieces of art. In a statement from Nerdist, “I’ve been a huge fan of horror films ever since childhood, so it’s no surprise that Halloween is my favorite holiday. My work is a tribute to all of the creative individuals that have influenced me over the years, and brought so much enjoyment to my life. I started the “Happy Meal” series as a way to make my friends and family smile when they were having a particularly bad day. I never imagined the response they would receive on the Internet. It touches me that so many people have enjoyed these pieces, because they were made with the best of intentions for my loved ones.”

Maybe one glorious morning this art will become a reality, if licensing issues don’t get in the way first.  Check out these cool new additions of dream horror happy meals that range from Stranger Things to John Carpenter’s The Thing.



ghostbusters happy meal


conjuring happy meal

ctitters happy meal


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