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Written by Patti Pauley

Holy Pazuzu, the Horror Hall of Fame Awards needs to make a triumphant return in the worst of ways.

If you were around in the early nineties and a blossoming young horror fan, you probably remember the glorious annual Horror Hall of Fame Awards. The Oscars for horror films, as they advertised it, only ran from 1990-1992, but goddamn it was the coolest thing ever. Oh, and Robert Englund hosted all three ceremonies. Fantastic, beautiful times my friends.


horror hall of fame awards

In the next three weeks, I’ll be doing something special with my little nostalgic bit Retro Rewind by focusing on each year’s Horror Hall of Fame special, and we’re kicking off this week with the first that aired back on 1990. I can honestly fondly remember scooting my eight-year-old little ass as close to that ginormous floor sitting television set as close as possible to bear witness to this monumental moment in horror history and seeing Chucky in the audience just chilling, sitting alongside stars and audience members, was kind of the raddest fuckin’ thing my young eyes had ever seen.

retro rewind horror hall of fame

The first annual Horror Hall of Fame ceremony in 1990 was really something special in honoring the best of horror films, TV, actors, and special effects designers that would otherwise most likely not get recognized by that snooty little fellow by the name of Oscar. Alongside the induction act, are some really great segments and horror movie trivia from the cast and crew of said honored movies. The fact this only stuck around for three years is a damn shame. Sure, we had the Scream Awards 15 years later, but that since has gotten the ax as well. Of course these days, we have the ever growing prestigious iHorror Awards here at iHorror with hopes of a broadcast awards show in the future (yeah OK, shameless plug), but in the meantime, I sure as hell wish this would make a return.

With co-hosted segments by the Crypt-Keeper, special effects segments hosted by Ghostbusters‘ Slimer creator Steve Johnson and Linnea Quigley, and Big Bob the spider accepting the award for best film of the year Arachniphobia, this awards show just hits every little horror fuzzy in my cold, black heart.

Inductees for the 1990 Horror Hall of Fame were as follows:


  • The Exorcist
  • Psycho
  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Alien



  • Vincent Price
  • Boris Karloff



  • Famous Monsters of Filmland


As fate would have it, the entire Awards show is available for your viewing pleasure per the wonderful world of YouTube and an uploader by the name of Doug Tilley. A million thanks for this upload good sir!  It sure brings back some wonderful memories. If you’d like to ring those nostalgic tubular bells, or if you’ve never laid eyes on this gem, here it is in its entirety below! Check it out and come back next week for the Horror Hall of Fame Awards part 2!