Horror Box Office: ‘A Quiet Place’ Roars to #1

'A Quiet Place' (2018) Paramount Pictures, Platinum Dunes

There is one main reason why Hollywood horror will never truly die: money. Horror is a genre that rarely requires a high budget to make a satisfying film, with some of the biggest fright flicks costing very little to produce.

This tradition holds true for A Quiet Place, directed, written by, and starring former The Office actor John Krasinski. While the plot involves an alien invasion, the film is horror through and through, relying on tension and scares to drive the story forward.

A Quiet Place opened at #1, outdoing all expectations with a $50 million domestic opening. Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage knocked it to #2 last weekend, but now A Quiet Place has climbed back to the top spot on the charts with a $22 million haul.

Overall, A Quiet Place has now grossed over $207 million worldwide on a budget of only $17 million, making it a massive hit for studio Paramount. Of course, it’ll get killed next weekend by Avengers: Infinity War, as will everything else.

Falling from #3 to #5 is Blumhouse’s poorly reviewed Truth or Dare, earning $7.9 million. Still, with the film having already banked nearly $40 million worldwide on a $3.5 million budget, Truth or Dare is another big success for the prolific horror producer.


  1. Didn’t like A Quiet Place that much. That ending was so Hollywood it ruined most of the film’s quality plot-wise. It’s just a big hype because of the actress being deaf in real life, as if this was some kind of milestone for people with such disability. Let’s not forget Switched at Birth and other projects before this one with someone like that in the cast. If the person is talented, he or she is in, and the crowd will like them. Period. Overall I’d say the movie is a 6.5 out of 10. Oh, and Truth or Dare was a complete laugh and eye candy fest. Just because of that I found it entertaining.


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