I have a been a horror fan for a long time. As I wrote in my first article for ihorror.com, I witnessed the horrors of 1981’a Halloween II at a young age and have been hooked ever since. For years, being a fan of this genre was difficult because I could never find people as passionate about the genre as myself. I would eventually find a close knit group of friends I could openly discuss Horror with as well as even more people at various conventions I attended. However, I would discover a television show that would be the ultimate love letter to all of us horror fans out there.


In 2012, FEARnet announced that it had green lit its first television show for their network. FEARnet, which had mainly been a paid cable channel dedicated to horror movies since its inception, the network executives decided to make a foray into a television sitcom project pitched by horror directors Adam Green (Hatchet, Hatchet II, Grace, Frozen, Spiral) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Chillerama, Knights of Badassdom). The show is loosely based on the experiences of Adam Green while living in Holliston, Massachusetts and trying to make his film career happen.

Both directors star as Adam and Joe (fictionalized versions of themselves) who work at a local cable television station where they direct cheaply made television commercials and host a horror movie show “The Movie Crypt”. In their spare time, they try and get their film about a zombified hockey team off the ground titled, “Shinpads – when they score – you die!” Joining them in their random adventures are Corri English (Unrest), Laura Ortiz (The Hills have Eyes remake, Chillerama), Dee Snider (Lead singer for Twisted Sister), and Dave Brockie; a.k.a Oderus Urungus of GWAR fame portraying the imaginary friend to Adam, who dispenses hillarious advice to Adam in every episode of the show.


Holliston also boasts a veritable who’s who of Horror film stars with Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, John Landis, and Derek Mears all having cameos during the two seasons the show has been on the air. Featuring a laugh track, gore effects, and slap stick humor; Holliston keeps your attention for the 30 minute running time. Green and Lynch have managed to create a show that isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall to openly acknowledge at times that you are watching a television sitcom as well as cram as many Horror film references you can handle during any given episode. Dee Snider is equally entertaining as Lance Rockett; the boss to Adam and Joe as well as lead singer for a Van Halen cover band called “Diver Down”.

Adam Green and Joe Lynch aren’t just Horror film directors, they are Horror film fanatics like myself and I’m sure most of you are. Holliston is an ultimate love letter to the fans of Horror who want a dash of comedy thrown in for good measure.

You can find episodes of Holliston on hulu.com and fearnet.com.

Stay Scary – The self proclaimed King of Horror Andrew Guthlein