Written by Patti Pauley

On the seventh day of Christmas, the horror gods gave to me- The Holiday Horror Yule Log! That damned log of wood burning on TV fireplaces for the past 50 odd years, has become a staple of the season with the jolly folk; serving as the perfect background noise for the likes of holiday parties and early Christmas morning adventures for not-so-awake parents and their overly anxious spawns.

Now, thanks to YouTube uploader ShotGunZen, we have a fabulous alternative to that hum-drum burning piece of timber. The infamous scene from Child’s Play where pint-sized Andy seizes an opportunity to take down his “play-mate“, has become seven hours of watching Chucky’s nuts roasting on an open fire. Unlike the well-known log of yule, this horror version of the holiday tradition does not include any Christmas tunes, which may delight those who may harbor an incessant hatred for yuletide carols. Just a lot cracking, popping, and melting of plastic whilst Chucky is burning alive. Delightful.

Happy Horrordays!


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