In two separate panels this weekend at Spooky Empire horror veteran Kane Hodder and genre newcomer Tyler Mane were asked which movie monster they would want to portray if given the choice.  Both individually answered Frankenstein’s monster.  First Kane in his panel which kicked off the day at noon on Saturday, and then Tyler Mane in his Halloween Reunion panel hours later.


Both men were not only quick to answer, but were also very passionate in their choice.  In fact, upon learning about Kane’s interest in the same role Mane responded exuberantly “Well fuck Kane Hodder!  And you can tell him I said that!” followed by laughter from the audience.

Hodder has already had a taste of the character.  Well, kind of.   In 2011 filmmaker Adam Green released The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, a segment in the horror anthology Chillerama featuring 3 other short films.   In the parody of the classic monster movie it is shot to feel like a 1940’s black and white film, and the actors speak in German.  However, this monster, known as Meshugannah, is a Hassidic Jewish version of the classic movie monster immortalized by legendary Boris Karloff in 1931.

Mane is known to horror fans for his current undertaking of the character Michael Myers in rock and roll icon turned filmmaker Rob Zombie in his versions of Halloween 1 & 2.  While Hodder has more experience as movie monsters, especially the silent lumbering type that would be required for Frankenstein’s monster, both men have their advantages.

When going toe to toe, each of the men have many similarities that would make them great choices if the movie was ever to be remade.  Each are tall and muscular, each have had to learn to emote many different emotions without speaking, and each have the experience of garnering sympathy from the audience without saying a word.

In the battle of the Frankenstein monsters who do you think would make a better monster if the classic story was ever to be retold again?  Tell us in the comments bellow!