Unfriended: Dark Web arrives in theaters July 20th
Unfriended: Dark Web

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Posted by iHorror on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2017 was a great horror for horror, and leading the pack was IT, director Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s classic tale of seven friends and the monster that threatens them. A favorite with both critics and audiences, IT has grossed nearly $700 million worldwide on a $35 million budget.

While next month’s IT Blu-Ray release won’t contain the extended director’s cut that Muschietti previously promised – although he still maintains that it’s coming sometime in 2018, so get ready to double dip – it will contain a handful of deleted scenes.

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As one might expect, the deleted scenes are for the most part played straight, but EW recently obtained an IT outtake that is about as far from serious as can be. In fact, one could say it’s even… clownish. Sorry.

Clearly meant to be comedic, the outtake serves as an alternate look at what might have happened when Georgie meets Pennywise while out sailing his boat. It’s pretty hilarious, and can be seen directly below.

As a huge fan of all incarnations of IT to date – the book, miniseries, and movie – that bit made me legit laugh out loud. Finally, a Georgie who does the smart thing and gets the hell out of there before being murdered by a sewer clown.

Personally, I think the best part is Pennywise’s sad face after Georgie gets away. I love that the cast and crew even thought to film something that silly just to make fans laugh.


  1. Maybe this is old news but I’m pretty sure that this is just a fan video. Every shot except for armless Georgie walking away was in the original cut of the scene. It’s hard to tell in a low res internet video but I suspect the Georgie shot may have been a fan generated composite, created from footage of the movie’s sewer.


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