Here’s How To Block Those Stranger Things 2 Spoilers


By now various social media feeds are filling up with little spoilers of Stranger Things Season 2.

They might not mean to, but your friend’s urge to share their thoughts on what they’re watching could really spoil the fun for you.  When I see anything about the show, I breeze right past it as to not spoil anything.

Despite my best attempts, every now and then someone will put that spoiler in the first line… that’s grounds for unfriending.

Eggo Stranger Things Spoiler Blocker

It looks like technology has come around to help us.  This Google Chrome Extension claims to block Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers!  It’s called the Eggo Stranger Things Spoiler Blocker.

Eggo Stranger Things Spoiler Blocker

The blocker will detect and block posts on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter that mention “Stranger Things” or “Stranger Things”-related terms, such as Upside Down or Hawkins Laboratory. The blocker will also block stories on Google News.  If you decide you want to read the post anyways – you can just click on the block and it will show the post.

Pretty great idea, but be careful, the site does say that it can’t guarantee 100% of the spoilers to be blocked… but it will try it’s best.

You can get the Chrome Extension here.

Eggo Stranger Things Spoiler Blocker