Hellish New Statue Unveiled in London; What Were They Thinking?!


There’s a new statue on public display in London that is meant to “inspire” and “delight” those who pass it on their daily commute, though we’re thinking words like “terrify,” “horrify” and “petrify” are more fitting for this particular piece of art.

It’s called ‘She Guardian,’ and Russian artist Dashi Namdakov has spent the last two years sculpting the towering figure out of four massive tons of bronze. Measuring 36-feet high, the artist says the attention-grabbing piece expresses a sense of maternal protectiveness, which we totally understand.

But here’s the thing. IT’S A FLYING DEMON DOG FROM HELL.

With wings, cloven hooves, and a set of fangs that would make Dracula jealous, ‘She Guardian’ looks like the sort of creature you’d expect to see guarding the gates of Hell, and perhaps even being ridden around by Satan himself. The sculpture is downright nightmarish, and I’m not sure I’m inspired or delighted.

But Councillor Robert Davis, deputy leader of Westminster City Council, insists that is the intended reaction.

Marble Arch is our prime location for which we only use the best possible work,” said Davis. “Hopefully this piece will inspire and delight in equal measure.”

Check out a few photos of ‘She Guardian’ below, and let us know what you think. Thanks to Now. Here. This. for bringing the statue to our attention.

She Guardian

She Guardian

She Guardian

She Guardian


  1. I think this statue is fantastic. It’s certainly not something one sees every day and for that I’m grateful. I like to see public art that is challenging to one’s sensibilities about beauty and aesthetics.

  2. Well it’s London and half of the Londoners of this day and age worship this sort of evil so I think it’s fitting,,,,

  3. Really? ??? So your bit of utopia must be amazing. As the final remnants of my family have been driven out of London after 15 generations because of racist pressures
    they have discovered apparently racism only happens in one direction. .. please let us know where you live so they can settle there.

  4. I live on the cusp of Northolt/ Hayes and LOVE it here! No racism on my street…from anyone of any race. before that I was in West Drayton which was awful.

  5. Oh well it will be there soon…our government is dedicated to forcing them on us as fast as they can import them.. so worry not. Your ideal world is happening. Thankfully I will be gone as soon as we are forcedto stay in the EU and wwelcome Turkey into our cultural hellhole.

  6. I dont think so. everyone on my street is intelligent enough to know better than to lump people together based on their passport or country of origin. even the ones “Imported” here”. My sons father was also “Imported here” and I find that comment in itself to be racist so perhaps its not all one sided as it seems. you do realise of course that at one point in time, unless you are a purebred Celt we were ALL “imported here”, dont you?

  7. Yes I am. My family farm is in the doomsday book. And I hate to think what the future holds for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. ..I think every country has the right to allow it’s people to decide if they want mass immigration on an unprecedented scale as we are facing now.

  8. Sooo we have what appears to be the body of The Capitoline Wolf, who brought up Rōmulus and Rĕmus after they were abandoned but who went on to form the foundation of rome, the wings and cloven hooves of Le génie du mal (The Genius of Evil, ie Lucifer) and the head of what resembles Lamashtu, the Mesopotamian female demon, monster who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped children while they were breastfeeding. She would gnaw on their bones and suck their blood, as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds.
    lol… yesss great inspiration and delight there lol

  9. Whoever said Chaos is purely good? Art is a form of Chaos, the very Chaos that inspired Michelangelo to paint in the Cathedrals.

  10. islam may not be racist, but it is oppressive…you can check in but you can’t check out of it safely…

  11. Such a fitting tribute to Margaret Thatcher,
    this is the memorial they have been talking about yes??

  12. Honestly I don’t understand why you want people like Jacqui keep making stupid comments about her frustrations in life.

  13. I’m wishing there were a gift shop where I could get a smaller, domestic, version to protect my house. I love it!

  14. I would love to see this every morning on my way to work. That would mean I’d have to have it in my garden, as I work at home… Well, if the folk don’t like it where it is, they can park it at mine any time they like!

  15. Actually, even the Celts are of Indo-European ancestry… And before them us Picts came in from the same sort of areas of Eastern Europe in the Early Bronze Age…

  16. Actually, we aren’t… The Norman Invasion was, in percentage of population terms, far larger. And let’s not get into the Danes, the Saxons, and the Norse and their Vikings…

    These small isles have a long history of waves of influx, about which the local population first protested and then assimilated. It’s what makes us so resilient in times of hardship. We are the Borg… 😉 I like it.

  17. I think it’s amazing. At least it’s not riddled with those creepy, fat little cherubs that the Christians are so fond of….

  18. Why am I surprised at all the support for glorifying evil in the UK? Once the gospel is rejected, the void will be filled by Lucifer. This is so called art simply reflects the inner decay of the soul. Congratulations, your future is looking rather dim.

  19. The statue is wonderful! Absolutely love it. Also, there aren’t any cloven hooves, just claws and paws. To be honest, I think any parent who felt their child was being threatened would feel like that statue looks.

  20. From what I can see in the images, it doesn’t have cloven hooves. Just claws and paws.

  21. I’m waiting for all the horrified comments from people who don’t know how to explain all those nipples and swollen teats, to their children. Oh dear! the little dears will be so upset when mommy tells them what those are for. But wait! THAT will solve the problem! The statue will be banished to the loo (which misguided folks think is an appropriate place for lactation).

  22. Exactly i left the UK because i could see that devil worship was on the increase and even supported by the current government. I live in Thailand now and spiritual and awakened people are talking about a split in this current dimension happening in the next 2 years. as we poison the planet we lower are lowing the vibration to that of hell and soon the 2 will meet and those who are currently raising their vibration by kindness, love and meditation will be moved to a higher vibration. The Mayans where talking about this and not about total destruction of the planet

  23. I…see a winged hellcat that’s nursing, not that disturbing as art goes. At one point in history it would have been the head of the town thief on a pike, I choose the hellcat.

  24. Reading from the comments below its clear to see how many would be ready to worship satanic bullsht. Lame fools have no clue about the symbolism of this monstrosity and will just blindly bow to any massive crap. Fools.

  25. “The sculpture is downright nightmarish, and I’m not sure I’m inspired or delighted.”
    Call yourself iHorror? Any true fan of horror would love this sculpture, not comment negatively on it because it looks a bit scary. I think John Squires needs to write for iFluffyBunny.com instead.

  26. Excellent! Serves you Brit’s right for accepting so many BibiC, war criminal Blair and Cameron lies about never ending ‘Evil Dictators’ and false casus belli.
    Call it Russian Revenge / Saddams Spirit / Gaddafi’s Ghost / al Assads Answer …. and every time you see it, remember the millions slaughtered in AngloAmerican Empires savage ongoing wars oF terror.

  27. Wow. what a waste of material. The artist was trying to evoke a sense of maternal protectiveness. ?? Gee. I’d hate to see his example of maternal joy. Yikes. As a woman I find it offensive that this is what a man thinks of maternal anima or essence. Its something that’s straight out of a nightmarish vision of hell or right out of the pages of graphic novel ” Constantine” series. Was he on hallucinogens when he worked on this? talk bout a bad hair day. If I were a taxpayer, I ‘d really be offended that my dollars paid for this ..

  28. Then again my kids do not believe in imaginary friends(or foes) for adults, thank Science sake… 😀

  29. This is an amazing piece, and let’s all be honest here, if Satan were real, then he would still be the best choice to worship, at least he didn’t order the infants heads to be dashed against the rocks, and kill all the other people Jesus killed, or ordered killed, as well as killing animals because he had a bad day. Read your bible, the quotes in red are supposedly direct quotes of your lord. To quote a special person, “If there is a god, he will have to beg for my forgiveness.”

  30. those fat little cherubs are for the priests to admire — haven’t you noticed their predilections.

  31. know your history, hombre. Because people fought and died for access to the Bible (effectively banned from 500 AD to 1500 AD) and the Protestant Reformation + Geneva Bible was accessed, the feudal systems of the world were weakened and eliminated in many parts of the world. Even in China, there is evidence that the Buddhist monasteries, which relied on slave labor, began to limit the slave/caste system due to the arrival of Christianity, which flourished from 600 AD to 900 AD (see: Nestorian Stele), the exact time-period of the T’ang Dynasty… so without Christ you don’t have Shakespeare and you may not even have what is still considered to be the height of Chinese civilization and all of its literature and arts…

  32. It’s a catholic idea in the first place. ”Gargoyles were viewed in two ways by the church throughout history. The primary use was to convey the concept of evil through the form of the gargoyle, which was especially useful in sending a stark message to the common people, most of whom were illiterate. Gargoyles also are said to scare evil spirits away from the church, this reassured congregants that evil was kept outside of the church’s walls”

  33. Gargoyles were viewed in two ways by the church throughout history. The primary use was to convey the concept of evil through the form of the gargoyle, which was especially useful in sending a stark message to the common people, most of whom were illiterate. Gargoyles also are said to scare evil spirits away from the church, this reassured congregants that evil was kept outside of the church’s walls

  34. But mostly to direct the rain off the join between walls and roof, to stop the water washing the mortar out from between the stones of the buildings. These days we use downpipes, and collect the water to use for the garden, if we are good householders and gardeners. Less decorative and amusing, but more practical.

  35. My remark was tongue-in-cheek and meant to suggest that it might give very little kids nightmares. My kids don’t believe in imaginary friends, either.

  36. I’m not a mother, but I can guarantee you, if someone tried to hurt my kids I would immediately morph into a carbon copy of that statue. LOL

    I think it’s an amazing piece of art. Not to everyone’s tastes but amazing nonetheless. It would be cool if they could make and sell miniature versions of it!

  37. Everything is art you fucking dip shit. Your moms pussy was the canvas and your dads dick was the paintbrush…. YOUR THE FUCKING ART. #sadfool

  38. Worship of the Dark, and endorsed by humans that revel in the dark. A famous metaphysician always stated that the dark beings run the world, this statute looks to confirm it. Why not make a statue of a celestial being of light and good? What is the intent here- easy- its to keep the dark alive and its worship. If you live in this area I would avoid it. And for those who think this is just superstition, go do a Aya ceremony and you will see the light and also the dark beings that are very close to humans and the humans who secretly worship this ( darkness ).

  39. Funnily enough, about as many Britons live abroad in Europe and benefit from the European Union as Europeans live in the UK. Its a like for like switch. If you can’t see that cultural exchange is important to the continued evolution of a society so that we can one day put aside our differences, then I pity your children and great grandchildren. One branch of your family may well have a farm in the Domesday Book ( correct spelling btw), but somewhere back further they will have come from elsewhere, not to mention the many other families you will have connections too, through marriage and breeding. Hell, at this point, tracing it back, we are all related to everyone else in Europe only as recently as the 1400’s. Here’s an interesting article explaining it. http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2013/05/07/charlemagnes-dna-and-our-universal-royalty/

  40. A celestial image? Which angel would you like? A Seraphim, humanoid in form,( although sometimes a snake) with six wings, completely covered (from tips of wings to tips of toes) with eyes? Or a Cherubim? Described as having four wings and four faces, a man, a lion, an ox and an eagle, a lions body and oxen feet? Or you could go with the Ophanim/Thrones. Two glorious wheels, one inside another, covered with eyes. Angels are described as being terrifying to set your eyes upon, the sight even kills people at times, Seraphim cover themselves so as not to burn you with their fire. I think all of them sound pretty horrifying, and no less so than this ‘Guardian’ of mans creation.

  41. You’ve never heard of the “Hounds of Hell”? Did you ever see the movie Damien? Dogs are definitely just as mainstream a symbol of the devil as cloven hooves.

  42. You do realize that only Christians and Satanists believe in Satan? And no one is bowing to this statue. It’s not an idol; it’s an artistic piece.

  43. It’s a gargoyle. It’s also not worshipping anything. Geeze, get your head out there in the real world.

  44. Seriously all, get a grip, this is art, get over it. Art is supposed to draw out emotions in you, well this one I would say did the trick.. the artist did very well at creating it.

  45. I think this stature challenges the mind to look beyond. It reminds me of a modern gargoyle, and I see nothing wrong with it. Yes it is angry looking, but it is art .. it is meant to engender a response, I look at it and think it would be fun to get a picture with. I can’t see it actually scaring anyone. Not everything has to be fluffy clouds and rainbows to be worthy of attention.

  46. Beautiful.
    This is an homage to the Mother Goddess Kali. Look up Barong Ket in Bali. They are animal hybrids meant to scare away
    evil with a delightful shocking look. I have a barong on my back, quite
    similar to the facial expression. It is representative of Kali- the
    mother goddess of passion and all life bearing cosmos. I am so glad others see her, now! She is love disguised.

  47. They often have their tongues open. There are two versions, a lion monkey and a lion dragon. The Balinese Hindu/Buddhists believe they honor the Buddha with art and sculpture.

  48. Some people actually believe in demons and devils, as if believing in them wasn’t any stupider than believing in fairies, vampires or gnomes.

  49. Just like to point out that there is a statue of Lucifer in Seville and it has been there for years. Yes, Lucifer, Satan: the fallen angel.

    Christians can fuck off, like anybody wants to see another boring crucifix or virgin: the world is lousy with your ten-a-penny idols.

  50. I wish this thing would come alive like in ‘Ghostbusters’ and rampage around London eating boring evangelical Christians and spitting their bones into the Thames.

  51. Go make a sandwich. And do it right this time, else you’ll have to explain yet another black eye to your friends. You’re lucky I even let you out at all. Thin ice, young lady.. You’re on it.

  52. As a woman you should be very proud this is how a mother is viewed. As a strong, powerful protective force of nature. Like Kali. Not as a simpering, weakling that is only good for servicing males.

  53. Humanity is slowly loosing every trace of sense for a good things.As it is said, “Everyone have his own taste”,said the Devil and entered the pit… No more comments about this piece of art(trash).

  54. Send the Duke of Hell to fight the demons?That can proove to be a succes just for a short while…

  55. What u said is just one point of view.But,are the rational things REAL as well?There are many opinions,but there is only 1 truth…

  56. As a strong,powerfull female demon,u meant…?For there is no other possible/positive conclusion u can make after watching this statue.What u said sounds more like a whispers of a hidden fear to me,for which is also said “Never ask for the support from your fears”,but i guess u never heard about it before.

  57. P.S.Kali is just one more expression of a female demon,personification of death itself.Example for a future generations?Welcome to Devil’s heaven,commonly known as hell in that case…

  58. That is awesome. Much, much better than the ridiculous giant blue chicken which ruined Trafalgar square for a year…there should be many more like it, in my not-very-humble opinion.

  59. Darkness and light are not directly linked with good and evil. In paint, black or darkness is the mixture of colors, yet in science, darkness or black is an absence of light. In paint, the absence of color is white, in science all of the colors create a rainbow that turns into, observably, white. Perception perception. Stop calling people evil who are dark colored or favor dark things. Also, believing a “meta physician” (no such people exist) proves YOU are the one who believes this “evil.” Those who read and entertain there selves with talk like yours are truly negative, and not beneficial to our human race.

  60. Also, telling people to do any sort of ceremony over an art discourse is ludicrous! Get over your ignorant state, please. Life will feel better if you let go of the burdensome beliefs that cloud you.

  61. I’ve lived in the real world long enough to know that once you’ve attacked me and not my argument, nothing you have to say has any credibility. Disagree with me if you choose, but calling me names won’t bolster your opinion.

  62. Your screen name is “empathic” which is a variant of “empathetic.” It’s curious that you don’t live up to the alias you’ve chosen. Instead of presenting a counter argument for one to consider, you’ve chosen instead to question my intelligence and state of mind. That is a sad, foolish lack of empathy on your part.

  63. Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? There are so-called “beautiful” things that I find very ugly. Art appreciation can be very subjective.


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