Thanks to, we get a first look at Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren as the ominous Sarah Winchester, who according to legend built her mansion in San Jose California with a floorplan that never stopped evolving.

Winchester was influenced by mediums who said that the souls of the people killed from the barrels of her family namesake would always come after her.

Based upon this omen, the heiress thought she could outsmart the spirits by building a house of mazes.

She would never stop construction on her mansion until her death, but it was what she built inside her home that has made it a landmark destination for the supernaturally curious.

The paranormal palace contains 160 rooms with hallways and stairwells that lead to nowhere and hidden passageways not readily visible. It is this obsession with outwitting the incorporeal which drew Mirren to the role.

“I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe people can be haunted, and Sarah Winchester is a haunted person,” Mirren, told People. “That was the appeal in the role.”

“Winchester” directors, Michael and Peter Spierig, are going to give the audience the chills they are looking for, but they also want to focus on the elusive woman who only had one known photo taken of her in her lifetime.

“Sarah Winchester is quite a remarkable woman, and the idea of her being just a crazy person who was haunted by ghosts is not the full story,” says Peter. “Helen Mirren, in particular, I think is great in portraying that.”

This will be a ghost story Michael adds, “a haunted house scary movie,” but the element of human loss is also examined in the film.

“From what we’ve done over the last couple of months, I think everyone will be pretty scared.”

“Winchester” is slated for a spring 2018 release.

You can read the full People article HERE.


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