Written by John Squires

Don’t Fall Asleep tells the untold story of Nancy Thompson.

Contrary to what was probably expected at the time, the second installment in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise did not continue the story of heroine Nancy Thompson, but rather centered on Freddy’s pursuit of a brand new victim. Nancy, played by Heather Langenkamp, did not return until the third installment, where her expertise in killing Freddy came in handy for a new group of victims. But what was Nancy up to between Elm Street and Dream Warriors?

The brand new Nightmare on Elm Street fan film Don’t Fall Asleep is here to fill in that gap, picking up after the events of the original film and leading directly into the third installment. With her mother and friends dead and her relationship with her father slowly slipping away, Nancy is alone. As she struggles to regain faith in herself, Nancy must rise to become what the other kids on Elm Street desperately need: a Dream Warrior.

While the role of Nancy Thompson is played here by Diandra Lazor, what makes Don’t Fall Asleep extra special is that Heather Langenkamp narrates the short film as Nancy. Though she doesn’t appear on screen, this is the first time Langenkamp has technically played her most iconic character since 1987, which should be reason enough for you to give it a chance.

Check out Don’t Fall Asleep below!

don't fall asleep