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While 2017 played host to a lot of horror successes, one of the most pleasant surprises was Happy Death Day, released by genre giants Blumhouse. Adding a Groundhog Day-like twist onto a slasher comedy, Happy Death Day earned over $100 million on a $4.8 million budget.

The time travel-flavored horror comedy also drew strong reviews from critics, with many praising Happy Death Day as a refreshingly intelligent take on the slasher. Me, I enjoy most any slasher, but I don’t claim to have high standards for such things.

As one might imagine, a sequel to Happy Death Day has been rumored almost since the first film was released. Director Chris Landon is set to return for more fun, as is star Jessica Rothe in the lead role of Tree Gelbman.

Now, Geek Vibes Nation reports that Happy Death Day 2 will begin filming on May 14th in New Orleans. Blumhouse has yet to set a release date for the sequel, but sometime in 2019 seems like a good bet, since lower-budgeted horror doesn’t tend to take that long to make.

According to a January Collider interview with Rothe, Happy Death Day 2 will pick up right after the original, and include some Back to the Future 2-style revisiting of events from that film. I for one can’t wait to see what Landon has in store for fans.