Hannibal Season 4 Talks Have Officially Begun


While the current TV landscape is positively overflowing with great horror series, it was a truly a dark day for the genre when NBC canceled Hannibal after three seasons in the summer of 2015.

From a purely business standpoint, it was hard to blame NBC for its decision, as Hannibal had never been a ratings winner. In fact, its numbers got progressively worse each season.

Still, when it came to quality, Hannibal was unmatched and truly unlike anything else on TV. The ever-evolving relationship between the titular cannibalistic doctor (Mads Mikkelsen) and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) managed to be both disturbing and beautiful, in nearly equal measures.

Despite Hannibal’s demise, series creator Bryan Fuller has always maintained that he intended to bring the show back for a fourth season at some point. The cast has also repeatedly expressed their openness to returning to their roles.

Previously, Fuller said that legally, talks couldn’t begin until two years had passed from Hannibal’s end. Naturally, Fannibals noticed when that deadline came and went recently, and asked Fuller on Twitter for an update. Here’s what he said.

Hannibal cancelled

So, while that’s hardly a confirmation that Hannibal season 4 is imminent, at least we now know that talks about the possibility have officially begun. Considering how slow deal-making tends to go in the TV business though, one wonders how long it’ll actually take for something concrete to happen.

Either way, Fannibals will no doubt be delighted to know that Hannibal season 4 is on the radar. As a diehard fan of the show myself, I’ll be ready to come back for more whenever Fuller and the cast are finally able to give it to me. Until then, I’ll always have my Blu-Rays of past seasons.