Written by Patti Pauley

If any one of you lovely readers actually pay attention to my personal ramblings here on the Interwebs, you may have taken notice I pride myself in ramming retro horror goodness down your throats. Well, today is just another day that ends in Y and of course no exception. This week’s nostalgic horror fuzzies is brought to you by none other than that little low-budget film by John Carpenter turned legendary, and a horror movie staple for any aspiring filmmaker. Of course, I’m referring to the immortal classic Halloween and a fascinating look at the fantastic promotional Halloween 1978 movie posters from around the world.


Although the movie didn’t produce much of a profit initially, over the course of several months word spread about how truly terrifying this little film about an escaped masked lunatic really was and began to pick up steam through both curious thrill-seekers looking for a (ironically) good scare, and horror aficionados everywhere. The birth of Michael Myers and what would become the first of the holy trinity of slashers, with Freddy and Jason completing the triangle the following years, indeed scared the holy shit out of audiences everywhere. And if you don’t believe me, we got the original audience reactions audio right here to prove it. John Carpenter’s Halloween, which took a mere 10 days to write and 20 days to film, ended up grossing $47 million in the US with an additional $23 million internationally. By today’s standards, it’s not a hell of a lot, but considering the flick’s budget of $300,000, I’d call that a nice payday.

Now, unless you live in Smeogal’s cave of gloom, you’re pretty familiar with the original 1978 Halloween movie poster from the film. However, have you ever seen the other promotional theater posters from around the other parts of the globe? They’re pretty fantastic to look at, and offer almost a fresh look to those of us who dwell in the United States into a film many of us know so well. Let’s start with the obvious:

United States

Simple. Brilliant. Ever notice that weird face hiding in the hand? No? Bet you won’t ever be able to unsee that.

Great Britain/ Australia 

Here we have an infamous still from the slasher flick along with one of the greatest lines from not just this film, but any horror movie ever.

West Germany

This poster from West Germany is the pinnacle of what screams 70s horror. Reminds me of a great VHS horror cover I would find at an old time-y video rental store. You know, before streaming killed that beautiful era.


Italy’s promo poster simply features images from the film featuring a lifeless Annie. Spoilers much?


Well, pretty much the same as the US. Weird face-hand and all.




Ok. So now I know what Michael Myers would look like on an acid trip. Stunning.


Now this Denmark beauty really gives a sense of art from the 70’s horror genre. The blank, pale, emotionless face behind who is presumably Laurie, is a nice touch. Kudos for that little extra.

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