Hail To The Chin! New Book Coming From Bruce Campbell


Though his character of Ashley J. Williams is a perpetual magnet of misfortune, Bruce Campbell has been on top this year. Ash vs Evil Dead on the STARZ has been a huge hit already renewed for a Season 3, and we here at iHorror are loving it! Off a fantastic Season 2, Bruce just announced via Twitter, on top of everything else, he’ll be releasing a new book next year with Craig Sanborn, Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor!

Bruce released two books in the 2000’s. His first memoir, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor and a satirical novel on a fictional movie production gone bad called Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way. Both were hysterical best sellers that gave a look into the mind of the horror icon. His background, philosophy and sense of humor.




The new book seems like it will be covering the last 15 years of Bruce Campbell’s life and career since his last book. A most interesting period indeed, thinking back. His directorial movies The Man With The Screaming Brain and My Name Is Bruce, his time on TV with Burn Notice, all leading up to the resurgence in the Evil Dead franchise. From the official overview:

” It’s been 15 years since his first memoir but Bruce is still living the dream as a “B” movie king in an “A” movie world.

Bruce Campbell makes his triumphant return from where he left off in If Chins Could Kill with further hilarious, gut-wrenchingly honest confessions.

Bruce brings us through his life in the decade since his first memoir and his roles as varied as they are numerous- from his roles in the Spiderman movies to his self-referential My Name is Bruce to his role on #1 show Burn Notice and his new STARZ hit series Ash vs Evil Dead.

Over the last 15 years, Bruce has become a regular on the Wizard World convention circuit, has created his @GroovyBruce twitter account with over 400,000 followers and a Facebook page with almost 250,000 likes. His profile and reach is lightyears beyond where it was for Chins. Check him out at www.Bruce-Campbell.com.

Hail to the Chin will be bursting with pictures and the signature humor that Bruce brought toIf Chins Could Kill and will be devoured by his legions of fans across the country. “

The book will be released August 8th 2017, and is available to pre-order form Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now!



  1. What is the action that can’t be undone by Ash that Dana is talking about?

    Do you think she’s referencing the Kelly as his daughter thing? I would guess not because I don’t think they shot that.

  2. Re The Comedy of Terrors- besides Vincent Price and Boris Karloff, add Peter Lorre and, while not renown for horror, Basil Rathbone who was the “Son of Frankenstein” and thus, the model for Gene Wilder’s performance as Frederick “Fronk-on-stine”. Price, Karloff, & Lorre also sent up Edgar Allen Poe in “The Raven”. Price & Lorre also did a humorous take on Cask of Amontillado & The Black Cat in “Tales of Terror”.

    Re Classic Horror Spoofs: Young Frankenstein is matched laugh for laugh by Love At FIrst Bite, with George Hamilton & Artie Johnson as Dracula & Renfield. Mel Brooks went there two decades later with Leslie Nielsen as Dracula: Dead & Loving It, which was funny but just didn’t have the same… yeah, I’m gonna say it…. didn’t have the same bite.


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