In the Alien franchise, there is one thing that you can count on and that’s plenty of large Xenomorphs with stacked teeth chasing down fateful crew members in order to impregnate them.

It’s always been a mystery as to what goes on inside their victims and the biology that takes place as the creatures gestate.

One artist has addressed that and created a sonogram of sorts which takes viewers on a three-dimensional journey from “conception” to birth in a video titled Biotic.

Director Zev Deans is a devout Alien fan. He has created an inside look at the developing fetus of an alien creature just in time for this month’s release of Fox’s Alien: Covenant.

The video depicts subjects ingesting a viscous green liquid in lieu of the traditional face-hugging larval deposit stage, which travels down the patient’s throat then latches onto visceral organs of the host.

From there, development is quick, and the beast in its post-natal stage emerges out of the subject’s body from a place you wouldn’t expect.

iHorror won’t give away the bloody ending, so you will have to watch to see what we mean.

The first Alien was released in 1979. Starring Sigourney Weaver, the film caused a sensation among audiences who watched as one of the creatures punctured through the stomach of its host Kane played by the recently passed John Hurt.

Alien: Covenant, the sixth direct installment in the franchise, looks like it will be one of the scariest and most gruesome to date.

Director Ridley Scott is back once again to direct. This time the story follows a team of colonists who hope to populate what seems to be a planetary paradise. But what they find is not what they had hoped for and now must survive the horde of aliens that hunt them down.


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