Disaster movies are the best. Whether you like your apocalypse in the flavor of meteor, giant insect, or global warming, there’s just something about these movies that keep us coming back for more. If you like those movies, Geostorm looks like the brand of apocalypse for you.

(Image credit: imdb.com)

Geostorm seems to be a cross between weather and technology killing its creator. In an attempt to stave off global warming, a net of satellites was created around the globe to prevent natural disasters using geoengineering technology. Unfortunately, after two years, the technology beings to malfunction.

Thus is the consequence of messing with the laws of nature. Two brothers, including Gerard Butler, are tasked to right the wrongs before a worldwide storm breaks out that would put a sharknado to shame.

Weather movies are usually hit or miss. The Day After Tomorrow did just enough effects to make it intense and believable. Into the Storm, however, just tried too hard. This movie seems to have a nice mix of scifi technology, thriller-like intensity, and real world global warming fears (albeit the disasters ramped up for effect).

Check out the trailer and see what you think.

With a release date for October 20th, 2017 there is plenty of time for more teasers and trailers. We will keep you updated when something new is released.

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