The ocean is lovely, dark, and deep, but it’s also terrifying and probably full of monsters. We have really only explored about 10% of the ocean and still we have found alien-like creatures that are the stuff of nightmares. It is estimated that there are thousands of ocean-dwelling species we have not yet discovered, which is incredible, but it makes me wildly uncomfortable.

Now, not to discredit the horrors of the ocean, but any murky, deep body of water can be frightening. If you’ve ever found yourself swimming in open water, I’m sure you’ve experienced the two-second terror of some unknown thing touching your feet as it passes by. You instinctively yank your feet closer to your body, heart pounding. What was that? Pure terror, friend.

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Being in open water is a horribly vulnerable position, and there’s something about not being able to see what’s beneath you that’s deeply disturbing. There’s no easy escape. Any creature that has spent its entire life underwater is definitely going to be able to swim faster than you.

Although your imagination is largely to blame for any deep water discomfort, filmmakers have taken advantage of this fear. Thanks to movies like Jaws, Sphere, Below, Piranha, Deep Blue Sea, and The Deep, we’ve been afraid to go in the water for a long time now.

If you’re keen to tickle your thalassophobia, check out the works of these talented artists. They have created beautiful pieces that imagine what unknown monsters could be haunting the unknown depths. Lying in wait. Ready to feast.

Now excuse me while I avoid any deep body of water for the rest of my life.

what dwells below - by Tom Wood | Featured Artist on the Fantasy Gallery
“What Dwells Below” – by Tom Wood
80.5000° S, 94.0000° W, Alex Konstad on ArtStation at
by Alex Konstad
by Maarta Laiho
Alex Konstad is an illustrator and concept artist based in the US working in the entertainment industry. He attended The Art Department art school and is now working as a Freelance Artist at Sony Online Entertainment.
by Alex Konstad
Beneath the Surface by Julie Dillon
“Beneath the Surface” by Julie Dillon
Image result for deep sea horror art
by URM on deviantART
Monstruo Marino-Marine Monster by on @deviantART
“Monstruo Marino” by Sebastian Giacobino
by Heranea on deviantART
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by Meronfeisu
Sören Bendt 2007
by Sören Bendt