‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Season 2 Premiere Available Early on VOD


While it was by no means universally loved, El Rey Network’s TV adaptation of From Dusk Till Dawn did indeed end up earning plenty of fans, making its renewal for a second season something that was never really in doubt. Of course, having the guy who owns the network – Robert Rodriguez – on-board as an executive producer certainly didn’t hurt the show’s chances either.

If you’re one of those looking forward to checking out the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn’s bloodthirsty action, we’ve got some good news. El Rey and Miramax have seen fit to release FDTD’s season two premiere to VOD early, as in it’s available to watch right freakin’ now. Sadly, the episode is only available to subscribers of big gun cable and satellite services like Time Warner, Comcast, Dish Network, etc.


Additionally, the entire first season, complete with behind the scenes extras, is also currently available on those same VOD systems. For those among us without cable who want to catch up, the first season (minus the extras) is streamable on Netflix Instant. So if you’ve been meaning to check the show out, there’s never been a better time.

Rodriguez – director of the original From Dusk Till Dawn – is set to helm both the second season premiere and finale. The first season stuck pretty closely to the film’s storyline, while this season is said to take the series down a completely different, original path.

For those unable to watch on VOD, From Dusk Till Dawn’s proper season premiere airs Tuesday at 9pm on El Rey. If nothing else, this show can’t possibly end up any worse than the forgettable direct to DVD sequels spawned by the film franchise. Or at least one would hope so.