Written by Patti Pauley

Fright Rags, the king of wearable horror merch is certain to bankrupt me if they keep revealing a must have officially licensed collection every 2 weeks it seems. This is ok however, as I regret nothing about being a fashionable ghoul with a sea of black Fright Rags shirt lining my closet. And once again come this Wednesday, I’ll be whipping out my credit card once again in the wake of a very nostalgic set of books coming in the form of t-shirts AND MASKS to the online horror shirt store- The Goosebumps Collection!


fright rags goosebumps

That’s right boils and ghouls, Fright Rags has been teasing a Goosebumps themed set to add to their ever-growing treasury of fantastically detailed horror shirts and just yesterday via their Facebook page, gave us a full on look of the potpourri of R.L. Stine glory in cotton form. Isn’t it beautiful folks? Alongside these super soft colorful and fun tees, the company is offering TWO different mask boxed sets containing an iconic Goosebumps mask and shirt together that features a pair of the most popular tales of terror from the Scholastic series: Night of the Living Dummy and The Haunted Mask!

fright rags goosebumps

So if you’re just as excited as I am, make sure to set your clocks for this Wednesday at 10:00 am EST time to snag up one of these gems before they disappear forever!




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