In 2011, the remake of Tom Holland’s classic Fright Night was released into theaters, a remake that debuted in 6th place at the box office and scored itself a Best Wide-Release Film award, in Fangoria Magazine’s 2012 Chainsaw Awards.  My personal feeling was that while the remake wasn’t the best we’ve seen, it was also far from the worst, a well made re-imagining that I had a lot of fun with.  Most horror fans agreed with that consensus, and the film received mostly positive reviews, garnering an impressive score of 72% on Rotten Tomatoes.


While the film’s box office performance was far from impressive, talk of a sequel began immediately, as it typically does when we’re dealing with reboots of big time horror franchises.  In late 2012 it was announced that Fright Night 2 was being filmed in Romania and would be heading straight to video in 2013, a synopsis attached to the project that left fans incredibly confused.

Despite the fact that “Evil Ed” was killed off in the Fright Night remake, the plot synopsis included the character and read more like another remake than a sequel to the remake, with Ed, Charley and Amy attending a study abroad program in Romania and coming face to face with Gerri Dandridge, a sexy female professor who turns out to be a blood sucking vampire.  Just like in the remake, Ed gets turned into a vamp and Gerri goes after Amy, forcing Charley to enlist the help of Peter Vincent, who this time around is the host of a vampire hunting reality show called “Fright Night.”  Hmm.  OK then.


With no cast members returning to reprise their roles from the remake, it seemed that this so called sequel to Fright Night was actually a cleverly disguised reboot, a completely ridiculous decision that makes absolutely no sense, consider the franchise was just rebooted two years ago, and was accepted by fans.  Why completely disregard the events of that film and start fresh?  Why not just continue the story of Charley and Amy or even go in a different direction, with brand new characters?  And why call it Fright Night 2, if they seemingly want the film to stand on its own, and not be connected to the 2011 remake?  None of it makes any sense, and we’ve yet to receive any sort of explanation for this bizarre re-quel.

Though a low quality version of the film’s trailer was unofficially leaked onto the internet earlier this month, it wasn’t until yesterday that the trailer was officially released, along with a press release stating that Fright Night 2 : New Blood would be hitting DVD & Blu-ray on October 1st.  Check out the trailer below, and then we’ll talk more about this utterly whack-o attempt to reboot a franchise that has no business being rebooted.

Yep.  Looks like pretty much a carbon copy of the remake, from a story standpoint, only with a female version of Jerry Dandridge and an increased focus on vampire sexuality.  The goal here seems to be to cash in on the current ‘vampires are sexy’ craze saturating the landscape of the genre, rather than catering to fans of Fright Night, which is a total bummer considering they’re using the established name of the brand in order to pull people like you and I in.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like what I’m seeing, and I still can’t for the life of me figure out why they’re reusing the plot from the remake, and acting like the remake never actually happened.  A real head-scratcher, for sure.

Though I won’t jump to conclusions until I see the movie for myself, I’m gonna go ahead and predict that this may very well be the laziest horror sequel ever made, which is saying something considering we’ve seen some pretty damn lazy horror sequels over the years.  Worse yet, it looks to be a total betrayal of the fans of the franchise it’s touting itself as being a part of, sure to result in Roddy McDowall rolling over in his grave.

What are your thoughts on this oddball “sequel”?  Sound off below, and let us know!