We’ve all had that one weird kid at school that always acted a bit… strange. Hell, maybe you were that weird kid. At any rate, their wacky antics may have been disruptive, but you would never imagine that they’d go on to do something truly, deeply heinous. In My Friend Dahmer – based on a graphic novel of the same name – Jeffrey Dahmer’s  school chums might have found him funny, or strange, or odd, but do you think they ever suspected anything worse?

Moving far beyond his days as a schoolyard misfit, Jeffrey Dahmer went on to kill 17 men and boys between the years of 1978 and 1991 before he was caught. His first murder was committed just three weeks after his high school graduation.

image via Reddit

Playing young Jeffrey is Ross Lynch. A former Disney star, Lynch is perhaps best known for his roles in “Austin & Ally” and “Teen Beach Movie”. This role will be quite the departure for him, but it seems like he’s up to the task.

The film’s trailer is full of slow, creeping images that are pretty damn haunting; young Jeffrey calmly stroking a handful of animal bones. “Doing a Dahmer” in the hallway. Watching an unsuspecting jogger from the bushes. It’s all incredibly atmospheric and it gives me the sense that this film is going to build on a twisting, growing, inescapable tension.

My Friend Dahmer screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2017 and the Los Angeles Film Festival in June 2017. It’s been picked up by FilmRise and is expected for a fall release.

So what do you think, are you on board with Ross Lynch as Dahmer? Are you excited to see more of this movie? Tell us in the comments!

You can read more about the release of My Friend Dahmer here.

Featured image via Tribeca