‘Friday the 13th’ Movie Run Returns To Its Blairstown Roots This Friday!


Written by Patti Pauley

If you happen to live in or around the little place of Blairstown, New Jersey, immediately drop all your Friday the 13th plans right now as you won’t want to miss this!


The iconic 1980 slasher film Friday the 13th, helped mold the unholy trinity of the legendary horror trio of Freddy, Myers, and of course Jason. The movie that has spawned an ungodly amount of sequels (no complaints here), video games, and another film on the way aiming for a 2017 release date, the momentum of Voorhees knows no bounds as fans can’t seem to get enough of the big brute. And with the superstitious day right around the corner, marathons galore of the franchise will be infiltrating homes of horror fans all day this Friday. However, one infamous town rich in horror history has something much better for the cult of Jason out there..


The township of Blairstown is home to Warren County where the original Friday the 13th movie was filmed, and this town turns the day that some dread with fear, into a celebration commemorating the Crystal Lake Slasher. Roy’s Hall Theater, that actually appears briefly in the movie, is hosting a one night special event screening of the 1980 horror flick this Friday January 13th, 2017 with a 6:30 and 9:00 PM showing!

Friday the 13th

Roy’s Hall images courtesy of Wikipedia


Per Roy’s website: Jason Voorhees roams the streets and alleys of downtown Blairstown every Friday the 13th in tribute to the 1980 cult slasher classic “Friday The 13th, Part 1”, filmed in and around this quiet rural village in scenic Warren County, NJ. Horror film fanatics from across the country flock to the area to tour the local filming locations, concluding their visit with a screening of the movie at ROY’s HALL. The theater and other area landmarks are prominently featured in the film and audiences go wild whenever they appear.


Pack up your camping gear, and head on over to Roy’s Hall webpage to get your tickets!