Friday The 13th the game had a rough launch that much is a given fact. Between server issues, technical bugs and absolutely abysmal matchmaking times, fans were having an extremely rough time playing the game. Developers Gun and Illfonic were well aware however, and now that the issues have been resolved want to make a heartfelt apology to fans of the series of films and the game.

Starting June 20th there will be a series of free DLC added to the game for everyone who has stuck with the game through its rough time. Players can expect new costumes for all the counselors, free CP, currency used to buy perks and abilities for the counselors as well as Jason, a double EXP event, and finally adding Jason from the NES Friday The 13th game as a  playable character now.

Friday the 13th by Paramount Pictures

Accompanying retro Jason we also get the full original soundtrack from the NES classic that was a staple in many horror fans childhood. Check out the full reveal trailer here to see just what the Friday The 13th developers have to say.

I personally can not wait to try out the new retro Jason and seeing how he differs from the other available options. My hope is that he’s a fleshed out character rather than a re-skin of an already existing in game option. However it is based off a rather limited NES game as well as free content so it should be fun either way. Just having the original soundtrack to accompany NES Jason is going to be a great blast of nostalgia.

All of the free content on top of the double EXP weekend that will be hosted is a nice touch, but for me at least, not enough to make up for the disaster that was the games launch. It is however a great sign that the developers are at least trying to make amends with their customers and trying to create a product that will make fans of the Friday The 13th series proud.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out our review of the game here, and stay tuned for our review of the single player portion of the game once it is patched in later on during the summer. Get out there and kill those fashionable new counselors in all your purple and blue glory Jason.