I know, we’re all bummed about the new Friday the 13th film being cancelled. It’s already been eight years since the last film and the franchise seemed to be battling for another film the whole time (remember when it was supposed to take place during the winter?) and we were so close, but alas not this year.

But here’s something that may cheer you up. Director Michael Ramova took to fundraising last year to raise some money to make a Friday the 13th film, but in the style of the NES game. Remember that piece of garbage from LJN? Still, as bad as it was, we played the hell out of it and loved it. Ramova did what Paramount couldn’t and got a Friday the 13th film made! I gotta say, the aesthetic and the costume design is cool how it’s lifted right out of the video game as well as the songs are remixes of the NES tracks too. The video is rather short, but very fun and you should check it out below.

This short is based on the infamous NES game from 1989. Everything is translated from the game, from the goofy colors, odd sound cuts to the senseless plot. Enjoy!