Well, there’s a story out today about the next Friday the 13th film, which if true, could be just what many of us fans have been hoping for for many years.

I’m still taking pretty much everything I hear about the franchise’s next installment with a fairly good-sized grain of salt, but I do like what I’m hearing. Brazilian site Omelete (via Arrow in the Head) has the story, but it’s in Portuguese, so unless you can read the language, and want to add anything in the comments, we’re going to have to rely on good old Google Translate here (other sites appear to be doing the same).

There are actually two posts to this story. One quotes producer Brad Fuller as saying:

“We did a reboot in 2009 and now in 2014 we are focusing on a different story to Jason. There will be a continuation of the 2009 film nor a remake of . original It’s just a different story -. let’s talk about this in Brazil if people want in CCXP We love Jason and the franchise Friday the 13th.”

Okay, so this translation obviously leaves a bit to be desired, but it sounds like it’s saying that the new film will not be a remake, nor will it be a continuation of the previous remake. It’s just going to be another Jason story. As long as that story involves teenagers going to Camp Crystal Lake and getting slaughtered in interesting and fun ways by Jason, it sounds like it’s on the right track.

Now, the other post’s revelation is even more exciting if it’s the route the film actually takes:

The film is likely to pass in the 80’s because producers want to recover the setting of the first film, but that does not mean it will be an origin story. Farm and Fuller also said that the film will not be a reboot or a sequel to the 2009 remake.

So we’re talking about a fresh Jason movie at Crystal Lake set in the 80s, aiming to capture the “setting” of the first film. I’m going to take this to mean that they’re going to try to make this thing resemble a classic installment of the franchise, which would be FUCKING AMAZING! Now, hopefully they’ll execute.

If anyone at Platinum Dunes is reading this, please, for the love of all that’s holy, get Harry Manfredini to do the score, and cast some memorable people for Jason to kill. No gimmicks are needed, just aim for authenticity. A cool subtitle (along the lines of “Jason Lives” or “The New Blood,” etc. would also be appreciated). I know you can do it! You’ll make so many people happy.

The film is to be directed by David Bruckner, who did the Amateur Night segment of V/H/S (arguably the best segment of the film).

We’ve heard a lot of things about the upcoming Friday film as time has gone on. There have been reports of it being a found footage movie, but a Paramount executive eventually said it would be in 3D. There have also been reports that the movie will lead into the TV series that is supposed to be happening.

FridayThe13thFranchise.com has a nice history of all the comings and goings that have been happening around the rumor mill with the film for the last few years. As far as we can tell, it’s supposed to be released on November 13th, 2015.