Written by Patti Pauley

What an excellent day for Exorcist series news!

Fans of the FOX series can finally rest their heads easy, much like some of us here at iHorror, as word is today that although the critically praised Exorcist series that debuted last Fall on FOX, slowly dwindled throughout in ratings as the show continued, that the network has picked it up for a second season with a promise of a new chapter of the iconic franchise.” 

I’m calling for a universal celebratory spider walk everyone!

When the series was first announced for that initial 10 episode run last year, many were skeptical if FOX could correctly portray the artistic and gorgeous story that lies within The Exorcist, myself included. However, that first episode had me eating all the words and begging to the Gods of Pizzuzu for forgiveness. And it only got better as each new chapter aired, breathing a whole new life into the Exorcist universe.

After the show had ended, there was no word on whether the series would pick up once more for seemingly forever. However, us horror fans, being the loud and opinionative crowd that we are, bombed social media with #RenewtheExorcist hashtags. Sure enough, the studios heard our pleas and have sided with us in giving The Exorcist series another round in the PrimeTime spotlight per EW.

I consider this a victory for us all horror fans of the show. Keep fighting the good horror fight minions! More updates on The Exorcist series as it projectile vomits straight at us!