Not all horror movie monsters capture the physical embodiment of the word “monster.”  In fact, some are quite attractive, and some even use this to their advantage when luring victims.  As fans we know we’re not supposed to be attracted to them.  In fact, their evil deeds should send us screaming for the hills!  But they are just so swoon-worthy!  Here are ten sexy male horror villains who make our blood run hot!

Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen portrayed Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the recently axed series Hannibal.  We all know Anthony Hopkins left some pretty intimidating shoes to fill following his critically acclaimed performance of the cannibalistic doctor.  However, Mikkelsen rose to the challenge and exceeded all expectations. Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter is certainly a man of taste.  With his naturally cool and even keel, smoldering eyes, and a voice that purrs, it is easy to see how this Danish actor’s style is a perfect fit for the good doctor.

Hannibal by Dino de Laurentiis Company


Daniel Robitaille “Candyman”- Candyman

The legend of a man you summon in the mirror only to have him kill you isn’t the most romantic love story.  However, the legend of Daniel Robitaille, the man behind Candyman, is.  Beginning as a forbidden love story Robitaille was a slave commissioned to paint a portrait of a wealthy landowner’s daughter, Caroline.  As fate would have it, Robitaille and Caroline quickly fall in love.  Unfortunately their forbidden love affair is discovered and Robitaille pays the ultimate price with his life.
Living on as the Candyman, the 6’5” urban legend patiently stalks his female victims, crooning their name from the shadows.  In the first film Candyman pursues Helen, who he believes to the reincarnation of his lover, Caroline.  While on one hand he is a bloodthirsty killer, he is also a hopeless romantic.

Candyman by Propoganda Films


Patrick Bateman- American Psycho

Set in 1990’s yuppie New York City everyone is concerned about appearances, no one more so than Patrick Bateman.  Each morning he has a routine consisting of intense exercise, luxurious bath products to clean and enhance the skin, and finally an herb-mint facial mask.  He is a fine specimen indeed!  Men want to be him, and women (and even some men) want to have him.  Never has a maniac running nude down a hallway wielding a chainsaw ever looked so good!

American Psycho by Lionsgate


Mickey- Scream 2

Lacking much character development, as most slasher films do, we don’t spend a long time with Mickey on the campus of Windsor College.  Yet there is just something about those big brown eyes that say “trust me” as he comes to the comfort of career victim Sydney Prescott.  Come to find out at the climax of the film he wasn’t as trustworthy as he seemed.  *sigh* Why are the cute ones always crazy?

Scream 2 by Dimension Films


Dr. Oliver Thredson- American Horror Story: Asylum

Our second doctor on the list is Dr. Thredson from the second season of American Horror Story, portrayed by Zachary Quinto.  Thredson believes compassion instead of the severe physical and mental treatments of the times would yield more promising results for mental patients.  Unfortunately, beneath this well dressed exterior and perfect hair, this cutie is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.  Having been abandoned at a young age by his mother he seeks out the comfort only a mother could provide.  However, if the women he chooses don’t fit the bill he kills them, often using their skin for furniture or mask making.  With a face like that we can overlook those pesky mommy issues, right?

American Horror Story by 20th Century Fox Television

Vilmer Slaughter- Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Very few good things came out of the fourth installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.  However, many of us received our first introduction to the then unknown actor Matthew McConaughey.  The blonde Texas native starred in this film as the hootin’ and hollerin’ head of the Slaughter family, Vilmer.  Vilmer certainly was crazy, but underneath all of that grease and motor oil on his not so charming overalls there was a glimpse of the handsome man we know him as today!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation by Columbia Pictures

George Lutz- The Amityville Horror (2005)

In the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror, a pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds is casted as leading man George Lutz.  While Lutz begins as the typical family man and “good guy,” the influence of the house at 112 Ocean Avenue with a sordid past begins to take a toll on him.  As Reynold’s character becomes more and more under the house’s oppression he becomes angry and shirtless… a lot.  While the house is really the villain of this movie, its vinyl siding and iconic “eye” windows just can’t compete with Reynold’s abs!

The Amityville Horror by Dimension Films and
Platinum Dunes

Dandy Motts- American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story sure has a way with torturing our hearts with pretty boys who are bat shit crazy.  This time in Freak Show, privileged and often bratty Dandy Motts is a beautiful male specimen on the outside, but on the inside it’s a much different story.  He feel like he relates to the freaks in the side show, but he also has an inherent madness that makes him a sociopath.  It may be hard to believe, but there’s a lot of conflicting issues going on in that brain of his.  If only his instincts to kill could have been tamed, maybe this gorgeous man didn’t have to meet his demise so soon by those he wronged.

American Horror Story: Freak Show by 20th Century Fox Television

Shane Walsh- The Walking Dead

Shane may not be seen as a villain in a television show filled with flesh eating zombies, but his character traits at times don’t cast him in a light that is any better than the undead he is running from.  Being extremely jealous of his best friend Rick for his leadership qualities as well as his family, Shane becomes more unstable with each episode.  After Rick’s return he can no longer to carry on the forbidden affair he had with his best friend’s wife, and is therefore left with a growing obsession from afar.  As his instability increases so does his disregard for those who are not in their group.  Shane makes it clear he has no qualms about killing or abandoning those he sees as liabilities to group and its safety.  It’s unfortunate this cold hearted dictator has the face of an angel.

The Walking Dead by AMC Studios

Lestat de Lioncourt- Interview with the Vampire

Ok, let’s face it, every vampire in the film adaptation of Interview with the Vampire is beautiful.  However, we are just focusing on Lestat to round out our list of sexy male villains, but I’ll include Louie in the picture.  You’re welcome.

Whether Lestat is a “villain” is really a matter of perspective as well as how much you know about the character.  Yet for the sake of this article we will say he is.  The beautiful blonde vampire tries to persuade his new fledgling, Louis, killing is permissible, even insisting it’s a way of life and a means of survival.  At least Lestat’s killing methods, regardless of race, age, and gender, increases our odds of coming face to face, or fang to neck, with this beautiful creature of the night!

Interview with the Vampire by Warner Bros. 

Did your sexy male villain not make the top ten list?  Share bellow who you would add!



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