Halloween is just over two weeks away, and if you’re not already in the spirit of the season, then we here at iHorror promise we are going to do our best to help get you there, over the course of the next couple weeks.  In fact, we’re planning on assaulting your senses with so much Halloween horror fun that the only way you won’t be fully wrapped up in the spirit come the 31st is if you’re already dead.  And if you’re reading this right now, then I’m thinking you’re very much alive.  So you won’t have to worry about that!

Enough talk.  It’s time to watch some videos.  Specifically, five awesome Halloween-themed horror shorts that are guaranteed to put you in the mood to carve up some pumpkins, eat a whole lot of candy and figure out who/what you’re going to dress up as this year.  Sound good?  Then let’s dig in!

It was in 1996 that Trick ‘r Treat writer/director Michael Dougherty made the short film Season’s Greetings, which was the very first time the character of Sam was ever presented to the world.  Completely drawn, colored and animated by Dougherty, the short ran just under four minutes long and went on to become the impetus for Trick ‘r Treat, made over a decade later.  Witness the birth of the loveable Halloween horror icon by clicking the play button above!

Fun Fact: Dougherty cut his hand while drawing up the animations for the short, and used his real blood in the artwork.  In the close-up of Sam’s face at the end of the short, that’s some of Doughtery’s actual blood that’s splattered on Sam’s mask!

Short films don’t get much creepier or more disturbing than Will Rot’s Trick, which he unleashed upon the world back in 2009.  An animated tale about a young boy who goes to horrifying lengths to have the scariest costume in town on Halloween night, Trick was selected as one of the top 10 finalists in the 2010 Halloween Horror Nights Scary Good Film Competition.  If this doesn’t teach you parents out there to let your kids have fun on Halloween, then I don’t think anything will!

It’s become an annual tradition for Hatchet filmmaker Adam Green and his company ArieScope Pictures to make a Halloween-themed short film, which they’ve been doing every year since the company’s birth in 1998.  Last year, Green and the gang set out to answer a question that many horror fans have pondered over the years, spurred on by scenes in the original Halloween where Michael Myers was seen driving a car; how exactly did he learn to drive, when he was locked up in a sanitarium since he was a child?!  The 14th annual ArieScope Halloween short serves as a faux deleted scene from the film, where Michael is being given his first driving lesson.  Interesting to note: Kane Hodder plays Michael Myers in the hilarious and blood-soaked short!

You can check out all of ArieScope’s Halloween shorts over on their websiteThe Tiffany Problem and Jack Chop are other favorites of mine!

Written by Greg Bartlett and directed by Marvin Suarez, 2011’s Making Friends almost feels like a lost segment from Trick ‘r Treat – the twisted tale of a lonely 8-year old boy who wants nothing more than to be able to trick or treat with the rest of the kids in town, on Halloween night.  By night’s end, all the other kids are going to wish they weren’t so cruel to him, as the boy sets out on a quest to make friends in a very unconventional way.  Making Friends scooped up several awards on the festival circuit in 2011, and it’s not hard to see why.

If you want to check out the original short story the film was based on, you can read it over on the Making Friends website!

After so many years of being cut and carved for our pleasure, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to imagine a day when pumpkins rise up and start gutting us, the way we love to gut them.  Okay, so it’s actually incredibly far-fetched, but it’s nevertheless the perfect idea for a horror flick.  Madison County director Eric England turned that idea into a 3-minute short called The Trick or Treater in 2011, which gave new meaning to the Halloween tradition of eating candy.  The killer pumpkin returned last year in Trick or Treater: Part 2, and you can check out both of the gory shorts above.  I guess that brings the list to six, rather than the advertised five, but as they say… the gore the merrier!!

Are there any other Halloween-themed short horror films that you recommend?  Comment below and let us know!