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All you had to tell me was that Parker Posey was going to step into the conniving shoes of Dr. Smith and I would have already been one-hundred percent on-board. Add to that that the first full-length trailer for Netflix’s Lost in Space looks epic, and folks, I’m already pledging my cosmic allegiance.

The OG series that aired back in 65, found the Robinson family set out on a five-year mission to explore space. Everything was hunky dory till Dr. Smith sabotaged the whole damn mission leaving them… well, lost in space.

The new series appears to be sticking close to the original material with a few liberties here and there. Primary liberty being that our ole pal “Robot” is going with a total redesign and new backstory. I will say that him saying “Danger, Will Robinson” gave me some nostalgia goosebumps.

I think the whole thing looks pretty dang cool. We will have to wait till late April to find out if it compares to the old series or not. In the meantime we can take comfort in the fact that it already looks worlds better than 98’s feature film adaptation. Don’t believe me? Go back and look at that CG.

Let us know what you guys think!