First Three Episodes of The Mist Now Available Online


At least as far as premises go, there are few Stephen King stories that seem more readily adaptable to the weekly TV series format than The Mist. After all, the apocalypse has been a go-to setting for horror TV for years now, and many would argue that The Mist is one of King’s best end of the world tales.

Of course, some of the fan anticipation going into Spike’s newly debuted Mist TV series recently turned to apprehension, once the trailers and promos failed to feature any of the Lovecraftian terrors hiding within the titular substance in both King’s book and Frank Darabont’s 2007 film adaptation.

Still, the reviews for The Mist’s debut episode from the horror community have been pretty good overall, and the groundwork has definitely been laid for some interesting – if not monster-filled – explorations of how a small town might turn against each other when confronted with such an inescapable danger.

For those who watched and enjoyed Thursday night’s Mist premiere – or are leaning toward checking it out – Spike has decided to grant early online access to episodes 2 and 3 of the series ahead of their TV premieres. The advance episodes will be available until July 6th, when episode 3 premieres on TV proper.

The Mist on Spike TV

Click here to watch The Mist’s first three episodes at your leisure, but be warned, episodes 2 and 3 require a cable provider login to view. Episode 1 however can be watched by anyone, no login required. That’s obviously not very friendly to cord-cutters, but such are the times we live in.

For those who’d rather wait and watch The Mist unfold on their TVs every week, season 1 continues to air Thursday nights at 10pm going forward. Hopefully, we eventually get to see a monster or two. It might not be likely, but a diehard King fan can dream.