Here’s Your First Teasers For M. Night Shyamalan’s Tales From the Crypt Reboot!


Written by Patti Pauley

It’s been a hot minute since we heard anything at all regarding M. Night Shymalan’s Tales From the Crypt reboot for TNT; and the last we did hear on the project, is that it was stalled for an unspecified amount of time due to rights issues back on Christmas Eve. Yeah, it was like those crappy Christmas fruit cakes from your Great Aunt Angus in comparison with no matter how much you hated it, you had to swallow and deal with it.

Now, per BD, a pair of promos for the reboot, that was once considered the forbidden fruit of late night TV for boils and ghouls back in the early nineties, has surfaced shining an exciting light for what’s to come once production is in the clear to begin.

One clip looks to touch on the sort of atmosphere Shyamalan want’s to insert on his take of the HBO cult horror program, and it certainly looks promising with that M. Night touch.

The second promo features Shyamalan speaking candidly about how he envisions this rehash of Tales From the Crypt with the assurance that the Cryptkeeper will return to host your weekly tales of terror in a “dark Walt Disney” like fashion.



tales from the crypt

The Split director’s reboot of Tales, when it finally gets back on track, is set to sit alongside TNT’s new horror block that also includes upcoming horror series titles Creatures, and Time of Death, with a scheduled 10-episodes for the planned anthology horror series that is aiming to for an air date in late 2017.


Now if this doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what will! Updates to come as we hear them!


  1. from the last sentence, sounds like this person is pro-illegal immigration… I really would love to enjoy tv and news like it used to be where the news told about things going on with truth and not taking a side and television shows were enjoyable and again, not taking a side…

  2. I hope this is a joke! I loved AHS season 1-5. Last season though, just downright terrible!…every episode of last season sucked-I never even watched the final episode- (I’m giving my opinion so if you liked it, I hope not to offend…this is strictly my opinion)! I was such a HUGE fan of this show until last season. And now they want to get political?! I mean, come on! We watch these shows to escape reality for an hour or so: work, life, chores, news, politics, etc. And we all know, if this is true, it’s just going to be nothing but a season of Trump bashing, and that is already getting old…this is really unfortunate. ? I was excited for the (I guess, now, completely rumor) next season to be a follow up of sorts to season 3, Coven-my favorite season by far! Looks like they’re jumping the shark though (I thought this was true for last season -they must be running out of ideas). Given the absolute horribleness of last season, and if this is indeed true, then the show has lost a once devoted fan (me).

  3. Ugh, after the horribleness of last season, I have no faith for that to be the case. They’re jumping the shark, if they haven’t already with last season. It’s clear to me they are running out of ideas. It’s just going to end up being a season of Trump bashing and that’s already getting old with it being saturated in nearly every media outlet. Trust me, I used to LOVE this show! Seasons 1-5 were amazing, 3 my favorite. Season 6? Atrocious! Didn’t even watch the final episode; boycotted it because of my absolute disgust with what they did to the show. Appears they are continuing down this path and if this article is indeed true? I’m done with the show and will remember it for seasons 1-5.

  4. Horror and politics can easily go hand in hand, the Omen and the Purge series of movies for example. There is potential there, the timing could be good, I certainly hope that they take inspiration from things like the Manchurian Candidate, and for Godsake come up with a good script and put meat on the bone for Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, woo Jessica Lange back, and add Dee Wallace to the roster. Freakshow was the last good season and the wheels fell off that bus about halfway through.

  5. Please get back to your original AMS roots! Roanoke was enough, the election itself was really ENOUGH! There are so many shows that have government themes, we need AHS to stay in the direction of 1-5.


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