Slasher  was an interesing series with great ambitions, while it may have fallen short on its execution from time to time, it was still an enjoyable series about a mysterious killer following in the footsteps of an infamous murderer.

Well fans of the first season should be excited as filming for season 2 has ended and now the wait is almost over.  with filming over and the editing process begining fans could expect a trailer sometime in the not to distant future.

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For those unaware Slasher  is an 8 episode anthology series set in a small town long after a grisly murder occurs on Halloween night.  Several years later the sole survivor of the murder has returned home with her husband, hopes of starting over and learning why her family was targeted.


Season 2 appears to be keeping up the anthology setting by telling an unrelated story to that of the first seasons.  While season 1 was reminscent of John Carpenter’s masterpiece Halloween, season 2 appears to be taking notes from the Friday The 13th franchise.

Early notes over season 2 simply state that it will follow a young group of friends returning to a summer camp years after commiting an accidental murder occurs, only to find that everything is not quite as it seems.

While it may just be me, but I’m getting extreme vibes of Friday The 13th meets I Know What You Did Last Summer and that alone sounds like an immensely entertaining premise.  Well anything really involving I Know what You Did Last Summer sounds great, as that is a grosly underrated slasher film.

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Slasher  is worth a watch for those who have yet to view it, and the first season in its entirety can, at the time of writing, be found on Netflix.  At only 8 episodes it doesn’t overstay its welcome and tells its strory to completion.

Let us hope that the kills from the new season are just as ridiculous and over the top as they were in the first season.  Maybe we’ll even be treated to an insane killer in a legally distinct killer wearing a hockey mask and murdering vacationers at a summer camp.




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