Written by Patti Pauley

Did you guys know that Frankenstein pumpkins are a real thing? Because they are. A beautiful, wonderful, delightful thing every Frankie fan in particular should have on their doorstep this October.

The “Pumpkinstein” made its first appearance back in 2014, and was originally concocted by farmer Tony Dighera in California. He grows the pumpkins in a plastic Frankenstein mold, one that took four years to develop. He experimented with different fruits, such as watermelon, and spent about $400,000 while using 27 different types of pumpkins for the guinea pigs in order to find the perfect fit.


Now since the birth of this fiendish face on the Halloween staple, Frankenstein pumpkins have become a trend among other farmers not just in the U.S., but across the ocean as far as the U.K. Emily French pictured below, of Foxes Farm Produce, produces these suckers over in Basildon, Essex.


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So chances are you might be able to track these down in your home town with little to no issues. Especially if you live in a dominated farm community. However, for those on the hunt for the Pumkinstein that may turn up empty, if you have a lead on where to pick some up, please comment below on where these can be found in your area! Happy pumpkinstein hunting!

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