Caught on Camera: Horrific Fair Ride Disaster

Like a scene from a horror movie, a ride has collapsed at a fair in China, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

The popular swinging attraction which spun riders as high as 20-feet feet above the ground suddenly malfunctioned sending unsuspecting visitors into the ground below.

The aftermath left people trapped beneath the twisted metal and suspension chains, sending many to the hospital.

The accident severely injured an eight-year-old and nine adults at Liu Chengcun Wangya temple fair in China’s Xihe county on Thursday, March 9.

One witness says they are thankful the disaster wasn’t worse.

“Fortunately, it was not completely into its cycle, because if it was it would’ve been much higher up and more people would have been hurt,” he said.

The ride has since been dismantled as police investigate the cause of the tragedy.

You can see the horrifying incident play out below.

May be disturbing for some viewers.